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  • Aspiring entrepreneurs — that want to start their first business online (my AI systems will help you start your first  low cost, low risk, he reward business).
  • First year entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, consultants and the like — that want to do more, earn more, in less time (my AI systems will show you how to grow your audience faster, 10x your content output and create better offers).
  • Existing business owners — that want to introduce efficiency and effectiveness (my in person or remote AI trainings can help your teams upskill and embrace the age of AI).

Do more, earn more, in less time using my AI and Business sysems.

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Hey I'm Kyle Balmer​

If you’re here considering one or more of my AI Educational resources for Entrepreneurs, you’ll want to know why you should listen to me:

⭐ Co-founded Vietnam’s first private television station.
⭐ MBA from NYU Stern.
⭐ 15+ years as a serial entrepreneur.
⭐ Roles have include: Fractional CMO, director of digital marketing agency, coach, consultant.
⭐ 30,000+ people have enrolled onto my online business (and marketing) trainings.
⭐ Amazon best selling author 8+ books on AI published.
⭐ Writes1,000+ words daily for the popular ‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ email newsletter. Read by 50,000+ entrepreneurially minded people.
⭐ Created over 30 AI business guides.
⭐ Leads community of 800+ entrepreneurs and business owners interested in AI
⭐ Combined audience size of: 110,000+
⭐ International trainer
⭐ Quoted in Forbes on multiple occasions on topic of AI and Business.

I’d like to tell you it’s always been this way, but it hasn’t.

It’s safe to say online business and running my own ship saved my life.

15 years ago I had a total breakdown. Depression took a hold of me. My marriage collapsed and I couldn’t see a future where I’d exist.

It was a dark time.

Add to that I realised the MBA I had invested so much into was just grooming me for a corporate career.

That’s when I read the famous ‘4-hour work week’ which opened my eyes to the power of Online Business.

I applied what I learned from this book and launched my first online business!

And it worked!

This allowed me to make money globally, from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop.

After travelling and living the laptop lifestyle I moved back to my hometown of London, with a bit more travelling – because why the hell not.

Work has been building companies, buying companies, selling companies, consulting and educating – all in the realm of online business and digital marketing.

And since November 2022 — Total immersion in AI + Online Business.

AI will change everything.

So I’m all in on it.

I know what it feels like to be in a dark place. Find the light. And come out of the other side.

I hope my courses will become the catalyst that transform the trajectory of your life (in the age of AI!). Like the ‘4-hour work week’ did for me all those years ago.


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I’ve got different knowledge and accountability options to help you : start your first AI powered business, grow your existing business or empower your teams.

The only difference is your allocated educational budget and desire to succeed.

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AI Beginner Course

🧭 AI Niche Navigator

The AI Niche Navigator is step-by-step complete walkthrough of discovering your dream niche in today’s modern digital world and the age of AI.

Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs that have too many ideas, no ideas or want to validate their idea.

This self-paced course includes both a eye opening human path. And an jaw dropping AI process.

For Brands

Brand Collaboration Details

Learn about collaboration and partnership opportunities.

For Business Owners, Businesses and Department Leaders

Training and Consultancy

To enquire or book time with me — either a 1 to 1 call, or to arrange AI training for your team please book a call.

I’ve provided 1 to 1 consultancy for entrepreneurs who are starting out and want direction, right through to training teams at NGOs and Tech Companies valued at $17bn.

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