10 Steps: The AI Entrepreneur’s Code

These exact 10 Steps will show you the best way to make money in today’s digital age using the...

Jaw dropping power of AI.

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These steps will work for you even if:

Making money online is new to you

Never made money online before

Don’t consider yourself techie

Don’t think you have time to make money online

Tried before but it didn’t work out as planned



Making money online changed for ever when…

In November 2022 a company called Open AI launched their mind-bending product.

They called it ChatGPT.

I’ve been in making money online now for 15+ years.

And I’ve seen every internet and technology fad since…

I even tried a bunch of them!

But I can categorically tell you this is not a fad.

Some people are calling it an “alien from outer space”.

Other are calling it the “end of human intelligence”.

I’m calling it the “money making opportunity of a generation”.

The boomers had real estate.

The millennials had the internet.

Gen-Z had social media.

You and me?

We have AI!

But this opportunity won’t wait for anyone.

Including you!

To help you grab this opportunity and:

  • Make extra income online
  • Replace your job
  • Make f-you money
  • Become future-proof

..I’ve created a unique program

10 Steps: The AI Entrepreneur’s Code

10 Steps: The AI Entrepreneur’s Code pulls back the curtain on how every day people are starting an online business faster and cheaper than ever (along side their day job). Their secret? Using new mind blowing AI tools. I’ll reveal their secrets in The 10 Steps…

10 Steps

10 Steps

to Make Money Online with AI

10 Lessons

10 Lessons

delivered over 10 days



Each lesson is only 10-minutes long.

You get The AI Entrepreneurship Code for $10.
Each step is just $1.
For just $1 a day you will learn:

And more…

There are 10 Steps.

Each step will open your eyes to what is possible with AI.

Each step will show you how making money online now is easier than it’s ever been (trust me I started a my first business 15 years ago and it was brutally hard back then).



You should be.

Because the threat of AI is real.

I’m not one for fuzzy predictions.

I prefer to take positive actions now and take financial control of my life.

But like I told you AI is not a fad.

It’s changing the fabric of the world.

And it’s hard to ignore what experts are saying about AI:

Sound unbelievable?

Here’s Elon Musk’s robot…

Believe it now?

They are already planning for life without purposeful jobs and businesses.

Are you panicking?

I’m with you…

I remember struggling to sleep at the thought of AI stealing my income and purpose.

But the more I deep dived the more I realised there’s going to be winners and losers.

Winners will be the ones that learn (and learn fast) how to use AI to serve their goals.

Losers will be the ones that AI uses to serve its goals.

Let that sink in for a moment!

So if you want to be a winner when all is said and done I suggest you avoid this strategy…

Pray and hope.

I’m not asking you do to something I haven’t…

If you’re anything like me you’re not going to sit around and do nothing..

Hoping and praying that AI doesn’t replace your income, your purpose in life and your reason to wake up in the morning.

It’s not a strategy I recommend.

Instead I recommend doing something about it.

Taking control of your financial future.

10 Steps: The AI Entrepreneurship Code is a big step in achieving that!

But why listen to me?

Kyle Balmer | @IAmKyleBalmer

Before November 2022 I’d been in entrepreneurship for 15-years.

Got an MBA from a NYU.

Started a ton of companies.

Successfully sold 2 of them.

Taught 26,500+ people how to build businesses online.

But it wasn’t a road to riches…

In my early 20’s I got divorced.

Suffered with severe depression.

Realised my MBA was grooming me for the corporate world.

I can only describe all this as depressive mid-life crises in my early 20’s.

Thankfully I stumbled across entrepreneurship.

It saved my life.

Since then I’ve made money online and never had an official ‘9 to 5 job’.

More recently and…

Since the launch of ChatGPT and other jaw-dropping AI technology I have gone all in on AI and Entrepreneurship.

Since then I:

Write for 12,000+ readers at my popular Prompt Entrepreneur email newsletter

Wrote 8 x Amazon best sellers on AI entrepreneurship

Quoted by Forbes on AI innovation

An online community of 18,000+

I don’t share all this to brag…

I tell you this so you can decide if you’re in the right place or not.

If you feel you are in the right place then let’s get started…

For just $1 a lesson you’ll open your eyes to the future of making money online and AI entrepreneurship.

It's time to get access for just $1 a day...

10 Steps: The AI Entrepreneur’s Code

10-Steps. 10-Days. 10-Minutes.
$ 10 One Time Payment
  • Get access to '10 Steps: The AI Entrepreneur's Code'.

Normally at this point most people will offer you bonuses…

I won’t be doing that…


I need you to focus solely on what I’m about to reveal to you.

It’s too important.

Oh and here’s what people have to say about my AI entrepreneurship lessons:

Once you see what's inside, you can't un-see it. And you may never go back to the 'old' way of making money.

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