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Created by Kyle Balmer (@iamKyleBalmer)

Start creating an audience online using video content, in 30-days.

30D30V is a course and accountability cohort that will teach you the exact systems I used to turn short form video into an audience of 150K in less than 9-months.

Unlike other video and creator courses, you won’t just learn expired theory — you’ll actively record and publish 30 video assets, alongside other supportive creators.

You’ll leave with confidence, momentum, creative habit and a highly lucrative skill.

The doors are open for the beta cohort. But they won’t be for long...Join today before our $100-off ‘beta cohort’ discount expires in…


This is an action based group cohort. The doors will close a few days after we begin.

Audience is Everything

Have you wanted to start building an audience online using video content, but aren’t sure the first step to take?

Are you overwhelmed by the number of different video platforms, video types, video styles, video topics?

Have you started creating video online, but now feel stuck or are in a stop-start loop?

Are you creating based on will-power and motivation? Spraying and praying? Throwing mud at the wall and seeing what sticks?

Do you have something to say, an important message, but struggle to hit record and publish?

Are you overthinking? Believe you have to look at certain way? Believe you have to have certain equipment?

Are you an introvert who wants to create video content, but feel intimidated by being on camera?

Do you find yourself speaking freely and passionately in private, but as soon as you think of hitting record you freeze?

For me, 9-months ago, the answer to all these questions was – yes.

Before I got started creating video content I was an internet ghost.

Although I have been an entrepreneur for 15-years, I’ve always worked behind the scenes – buying and selling businesses, running a digital agency and advising business owners.

Post-Covid and with the introduction of AI, I quickly realised that if I was going to continue being an entrepreneur I needed to do things differently.

I realised I had to create content. More specifically video content.

But I had blocks.

Serious blocks…

All aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, coaches, consultants, experts…

…face the same problems when thinking about creating video content (I know, because I faced them):

  • Should I produce on Youtube? TikTok? Instagram? Some other platform?
  • What style should my video be?
  • What equipment should I use?
  • Do I need an DSLR?
  • Do I need a mic?
  • Do I need a backdrop?
  • Should I setup a studio?
  • What should I talk about?
  • What will people want to hear?
  • Do I need to hire an editor?
  • Do I need to learn how to edit?
  • Should I get an editing software?
  • What editing software?
  • How long should my video be?
  • What should I wear?
  • Do I need to get a haircut?
  • Will people find what I have to say interesting?
  • Will anyone even watch?

Ok I’ll stop…because if you’re reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are starting to give you cold sweats.

It’s the exact same questions that were holding me back from hitting record.

(btw 30D30V answers these questions — and more).

And chances are you know you should be hitting record, but you’re not — that’s why you are on this page — to finally start creating video content.

You already know that creating video content will help you:

  • build an audience (without paid ads)
  • build a following (that want to watch you)
  • attract fans (that follow everything you do)
  • create customers (that are excited to buy what you have to offer)

But even though you know all this — you still haven’t started (or stuck with it).

Creator-accountability is what you’ve been missing.

Whether you already are a business owner (solopreneur or have a team)…

Or thinking about starting a creator business…

Creating video alone is hard.

Creating video with peers is easy.

Maybe you’ve thought about creating a video before. But the idea died in your head (later you saw someone create the exact some video – ouch!)

Maybe you’ve scripted your video before. But you never hit record (the script is still sitting their in your notes folder)

Maybe you’ve recorded your video. But never published it (it’s now a historical artifact in your photo library next to the picture of grandma!).

Maybe you’ve posted your video. But it got no traction (so you gave up believing video content won’t work for you).

I’ve experienced every single one of these. It was a horrible feeling because in every situation I was back to square one — I made zero progress!

And in all these scenarios what I was missing (and what you are missing) is creator-accountability.

30D30V solves that problem head on. You will create video content along side a small group of peers who understand what you are doing.

Because the people around you day to day – at home, at work, even within your business – won’t understand — they’ll probably call you silly and (what really pisses me off) is crack (un)funny jokes.

But your creator-peers understand why you’re creating video. We understand why it’s important to you (and your business).

Having a creator-accountability system around you like this – keeps you consistent, creates momentum and moves you closer to your goals.

30D30V doesn’t just provide you accountability. It digs deeper…

Three killers stopping you from building an online audience through video content:

Underlying all of your technical questions are three (very real) human blocks:

#Killer 1 – Overthinking

So many experts, coaches, consultants, business owners, inspiring people — believe video content success comes from having a killer idea (something someone has never thought of before). It’s not. (30D30V will show you how to stop overthinking and what to do instead).

#Killer 2 – Perfectionism

Have you ever scripted your video line by line? Eventually recorded it. But it took hours because and 10+ takes. Then sat down and edited it second by second. Removing every umm and ahh. Hating how you sound and look? That’s perfectionism. And it destroys many peoples’ dreams. (30D30V will show you a different way).

#Killer 3 – Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve heard a voice in your head saying “you’re not good enough”, “who are you to talk about this?”, “you’re not qualified”, “what will they think?” — then ‘imposter syndrome’ has a tight grip on you. (30D30V will loosen that grip just enough so you can record and publish).

Creating an audience of 100k+. Making thousands of $. Helping people with your valuable service or product. All sits on the other side of dealing with these three killers. 30D30V will provide strategies to help you deal with killers.

Stop publishing into the abyss.

The biggest mistake experts, coaches, owners, creators make is — thinking they know what their viewers want.

Harsh truth: you don’t.

This is a very very common problem. And one I also faced. I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15-years. I’ve experienced more in 15-years than most people would in a lifetime.

As an expert in your field — you probably have too.

So then why the heck are young kids coming out of school with no life experience and silly haircuts getting thousands of views (and in some cases millions of views?)

The answer is — creating video content that is right for social media. It’s a very subtle shift. But the results are worlds apart.

30D30V will show you what the kids know (that I’ve now figured out — whilst eating humble pie).

Stop consuming. Start creating.

What’s the difference between you and these guys and gals?

You theoretically know creating video content is a good idea.

But you are thinking about creating video content.

Their bank balances are telling them that creating video content is a good idea.

These guys and gals are not thinking about it. They are doing it.

The solution is simple — shift from using social media as a consumer and looking at others success (and let’s be honest — with a little jealousy)…

…To using social media as a creator.

30D30V will have you so focused on your own business, your own creation, your own videos that you won’t even wan’t to look at what anyone else is doing. In fact you’ll never use social media the same way ever again.

What we will be doing together

Pinning all your hopes on one video.

A video you’ve over edited.


Spent way too long on.

Where you believe… ‘ the hours it has taken me to make this video’ should mean — lots of views, lots of applause and lots of customers.

It doesn’t work like that.

Instead during 30D30V we’ll be focusing on creating 30-strategic short form videos.

Publishing one of these videos everyday.

What will happen if you do this in 30D30V hybrid cohort course?

I can’t promise you’ll hit a 1,000 followers, get a viral video or make $1,000s in sales.

But it is possible.

Within 3 weeks of taking TikTok seriously I had a video that hit 3M+ views and secured me international speaking gigs.

That being said, you’ll be surprised to know I won’t show you ‘top secret hacks’ that will just get your account shut down.

And you’ll be happy to know you won’t do anything degenerate that screws with your reputation — again, we’re creating video, to build an audience, to get more customers for your business.

30D30V will help you avoid weird and unsavoury tactics — period.

Instead I’ll show you the exact process I followed…

…to grow my audience to 100k (from zero).

…grow my newsletter subscribers to 50k (from zero).

…get inbound training requests from NGOs and tech companies worth $17bn (that I went on to train internationally)

…get brand partnership requests from the hottest startups (without doing any cold outreach)

…publish 8 x Amazon best sellers (self-published, but ranked amongst some big books you’ll know)

…get featured in Forbes (multiple times)

As an introvert.

Who 9-months ago would have rather walked barefoot through a London nightclub after 3am, than get on camera.

Who also had every mental block (excuse) under the sun stopping him from hitting record (for his own business) — including neighbours upstairs doing shamanistic healing drum sessions.

I’ve looked back at what worked for me over the last 9-months and included it in the 30D30V.

Why is this different?

There will be other courses like this out there.

Most are run by extremely charismatic people. Their public speaking skill, presence and persona is seriously impressive.

That’s like their secret weapon. Their unique advantage.

If I could buy what they have…I would!

But I can’t.

Even though I’ve organically grown my audiences to 150,000+ across TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my email newsletter by leveraging short video content.

I’m still an introvert believe it or not.

That is why I’ve been asked many times to share my strategies.

Like….many many times. My DMs are a mess.

Up until now I’ve ignored this. Thinking to myself that “I’m new” or “I don’t have that big a following” so why would people care?

But the truth of the matter is that:

  • I’ve built a 150k audience
  • in 9 months
  • which now generates 6 figures a year in income.

Despite being a introverted Brit! Despite not being 20 and beautiful. Despite having a lisp and not being able to say my Rs properly!

I’ve built this audience based on knowing a little more about some subjects than most people (AI and entrepreneurship).

And by providing value based around that knowledge. Regardless of my natural charisma (or lack of!).

Because of this I now believe I actually can help people to do the same.

That’s what really makes 30D30V different.

You will walk away with

Creating video online opens up limitless opportunity:

  • build an audience
  • build a business
  • build authority
  • build online assets

That will all come in good time.

But to get there you’ve got to:

  1. overcome your blocks (however small or big)
  2. create consistent video content (using a system, not will-power or motivation)
  3. make video content feel normal (forming a very useful, highly valuable habit — video content creation)

The above 3 skills are exactly what you will walk away with after completing the 30D30V hybrid course cohort.

Oh and one more skill…kind off a biggie…

I mentioned that some people are wildly attractive (hawt), have Clooney level charisma and probably could sell ice to an eskimo.

I also mentioned I don’t have any of that.

But I do have my own secret power…

The ability to use AI (ChatGPT and other new mind bending tools).

This is very different to having natural charisma.

Because anyone can pick up and use a tool like ChatGPT from day 1.

Seriously they’ve made these tools as simple as talking to a friend on Whatsapp (or Telegram?). The key is learning what to ask tools like ChatGPT.

I’ll be including in the 30D30V how to use AI (and what to ask it) specifically for video content creation. Think — idea generation, script writing, content planning, data analysis and more.

Ready to start building an audience by creating short form video content?

Here’s a full overview of everything you’ll get when you join 30D30V.

30D30V Course Curriculum

✓ A self-paced course

✓ 30-day CoHort challenges

✓ 1 x Live orientation session

✓ AI systems, prompts

It includes every important lesson, tactic and AI system I’ve used to help me build an audience of 100K I’ve included in the core curriculum.

But…this won’t be a long drawn our course, with lots of theory.

I will deliver you what you need to know (no fluff) so you can focus on doing the thing you’re here for — creating and publishing your video.

And if you’re thinking — “can I really create 30 videos” — won’t that take forever?

Doing it the way I’ll show you – yes you can create 30 videos.

I create 3-6 videos a day. Whilst you won’t do that straight away — by following this curriculum you will have the ability to do that by the end.

Remember — our job is to create video to drive business (and let’s be straight – make money). Not create video to just create video.

30D30V focus is on creating an audience to drive business.

30D30V Course Guide

A digital (and printable) guide which provides a checklist of your every single task you need to complete as part of the programme to get the maximum benefit.

It’s like a friend that says — “why are you thinking about all that…you only need to do this one thing today”.

30D30V Creator-Accountability System

This is simple.

Yet profound.

Our minds will do everything in its power to stop us doing the hard thing — going to the gym, having the tough conversation, doing the ‘big’ task…creating the video content!!!

But if you have told me and you fellow 30D30V members that today you will commit and post a video…something amazing happens…

You will feel positive pressure to do thing you came here to do — create and publish your video.

I won’t bore you with how the accountability systems works…just that it works.

30D30V Community Space

A place to share your videos, challenges, wins and more.

Hosted in our closed community (circle platform).

Whilst this is the first cohort. It will feel quiet.

I personally think that’s the best time to join a space of like minded people — at the start.

The most successful people I know aren’t apart of massive groups with thousands of people in them.

They are apart of small groups of focused go-getters creating something they care about.

And it’s also the best time to make the most of me.

For a company to fly me out for training they’ll pay me upwards of $4,000+.

For a 1 hour one to one with me I charge $300.

In the 30D30V you can bounce of me for 30-days as part of your programme investment.

Special Bonuses

Here’s a full overview of everything you’ll get when you join 30D30V.

Beta CoHort Bonus — Lesson Questions

I’ve designed the course with easy to digest (short) lessons. Think of each lesson as a golden nugget.

Instead of hoarding all the golden nuggets.

I want you to immediately spend them — you’ll spend them by taking action and creating the video.

But…sometimes you’ll have a question specific to that lesson.

Which is why our curriculum platform allows you to ask a question in that lesson. When I answer it, you’ll get a notification.

Got the answer? Great — now sprint and create the video!

Beta CoHort Bonus - Personalised Feedback Video

Once you’ve created and published 15 video assets, I’ll personally shoot you a video with feedback. It might include : pointers, tweaks, tips, creative ideas.

Anything that will help you improve.

You can take this feedback (if you choose) into the next 15 video assets.

(I promise I’ll try not to trigger painful school-flashbacks).

Normally this kind of work I reserve for my one to one clients who pay $300+.

But I want to do something special for the first cohort.

Don’t delay. There is high-demand for ‘valuable’ video creation. And very low supply.

I’m about to introduce you to the investment required to join the next 30D30V cohort…

You’ll be pleased to know it’s not $1,000s that others charge for a course like this (that doesn’t include my AI systems).

But before i do that I have a question for you…

Are you a — coach, consultant, industry expert, business owner, service provider, product builder…

…anyone who has a message or value to put into the world…

And you absolutely already know the power of video content?

Have you seen others in your space create video content, build an audience and turn that into hundreds of thousands of dollars?

But for some (known or unknown) reason you can’t bring yourself to do the same?

Or you’ve started then stopped, and now believe it’s never going to work for you?

Or you are excited to get going, simply need pointing in the right direction?

30D30V is right for you — Especially now.

You may have noticed (it’s hard not too) that social media has a lot of ‘low-value’ content on it.

There’s a lot (a lot) of cheap, fast, attention hacking entertainment.

Queue Newtons third law:

“Every action has equal and opposite reaction”.

This is why social networks are all shifting towards ‘high-value’ content.

Which makes it perfect for people with more knowledge, experience and wisdom.

If you feel you’re in that camp then 30D30V is right for you.

Join 30D30V Today


Use code: BETA to get $100-off at checkout.


One time payment.

Gumroad is our trusted payment processor.

What they have to say...

This is a beta cohort. The first of it’s kind. So hopefully in 30-days I’ll be using your testimonial below. But until then here’s what others have to say about me and my programmes.

Jandru Ruiz

Jandru Ruiz

"I've read Kyle's newsletter for half a year and his content is pure value".



"I loved how lucid he was at communicating ideas and how generous he was at sharing what he knows"

Devon Lane

Devon Lane

"I always find something of value in what Kyle creates. He gives the most actionable advice and his implementation steps are super clear and easy to follow for a newbie like me"

Bessie Cooper

Bessie Cooper

"Kyles journey is honest and really resonates with many entrepreneurs who are struggling to take action instead of daydreaming for years"



"Dude your content rocks man! This newsletter series was awesome. Had me hooked!"

Chris Colban

Chris Colban

“I usually don't promote people. But if you want to read about some actually good use cases for AI, then check out Kyle Balmer and this newsletter...The best in the field."



"Love your content, friend. Cutting right through the bullshit and providing value and answers. That is the way"

Daniel Sjöstedt

Daniel Sjöstedt

"Kyle is a great teacher and the content is both on point and valuable. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to learn more about AI and online business building"

Laura Goyer

Laura Goyer

"Having been a fan of Kyle's 'Prompt Entrepreneur' newsletter for a while (seriously, the playbooks are so good they should have a price tag)"

Ani O'Hara

Ani O'Hara

Incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to meet and learn from Kyle. It is rare to meet someone who is the intersection of expert, tangibly helpful and good human.



Kyle connects to the core of the business idea, offers deep insightful information that quickly adds to my personal and professional goals. High Value session! Right decision at the right time! Thanks Kyle!



Kyle was a big help with general overview as well as tips on how I could leverage for specific projects.

And here's what people have to say about my content online... get the point. My feed and DMs are filled with amazing reactions like this...the 30D30V will show you how to have the same impact!


How much does this cost?

As this is my first (beta) cohort you can join for $300. If you join within the launch window you’ll get a big discount.

What does beta cohort mean?

It means you’ll be in the first ever group of people learning how I built a 100k audience in 9-months — starting from zero.

But it does mean it won’t be like attending a 5-star resort in the Maldives.

There will be some roughness, building and evolving as we go — and chance to really dig deep and ask me your burning questions.

In fact, I welcome this — It will help me learn better what to include in future cohorts (if I do another one).

So if that’s ok — then do join.


How is the course delievered?

You can complete the curriculum at your own pace (which you will have access to forever).

There are no ‘weekly-live’ sessions or anything disruptive to your life like that.

But there is a start and end — 30-days from when you join.

In that time you have access to a like-minded group and me – get support, ask questions, and have a space to openly get to work.

What commitment is required from me?

You have the flexibility to go as quickly (or as leisurely) as you’d like.

I’ve designed the curriculum and challenges in a way that even people will full-time jobs and kids can enjoy.

I recommend allocating ~30-minutes a day. This is enough to make progress.

Which even people will full-time jobs and kids can succeed with.

Will there be live sessions to attend?

There will be one optional ‘opt-in’ live session to attend at the start. Where we’ll say hi and welcome you to the 30D30V experience. This will be recorded so you can catch up if you can’t make it.

Do I have to be apart of the accountability, community etc?

Absolutely not. Your participation is ‘opt-in’. Whilst I do recommend engaging to get the most out of the 30D30V experience, it’s entirely your choice how much you observe or participate.

The number one goal is — create and publish 30 video content assets.

What if I’ve never created a video before?

Then 30D30V is perfect for you.

9-months ago I had never created video content like this before.

Which is why I’ve designed 30D30V with the beginner me in mind, who had zero social media following.

What if I’m already a business owner and create content — will this teach me anything new?

If you feel like your video content is not working for you? If you feel like video content could be doing better? If you feel like video is the missing link for audience explosion?

If you want to add AI systems into your process?

Then yes you’ll take a lot way from this experience.

How long do I have access to the course curriculum for?

Lifetime access.

No-refund policy

I’ve given you as much information and transparency about what this is — creating video content, to create an audience, to make money online.

So if you are buying today expecting to do no work on the other side. And when faced with the first hurdle (because you will be faced with one, I still face them), you’ll quit and ask for a refund.

Then please don’t join.

Because what you’ll get is : my entire curriculum, be apart of a small group of go-getters, an accountability system, opportunity for personal feedback from me.

If you’re planning on getting a peek inside, swiping all of that and then asking for a refund. Please don’t join.

But if you DO understand I’ve put this programme together because…

9-months ago, I had no social following, didn’t think I could build one (I wasn’t charismatic, with 6-pac abs), but ended up systematically building one to 100K+…

…And now I feel compelled to share my system with other camera-shy introverts. Experts that are very knowledgable and should be sharing what they know with their audiences — to both transform lives and make a profit.

And…you’re here knowing you’ll need to do work. You know results are not guaranteed. But the systems and processes are.

Then join and let’s get started!

Created by Kyle Balmer

You’ve seen me online or read my email newsletter, but in case you’re new and wondering who’s the crazy person who’s giving away everything he’s learned in the last 9-months.

Here’s a bit about me…

⭐ Co-founded Vietnam’s first private television station.
⭐ MBA from NYU Stern.
⭐ 15+ years as a serial entrepreneur.
⭐ Roles have include: Fractional CMO, director of digital marketing agency, coach, consultant.
⭐ 30,000+ people have enrolled onto his online business (and marketing) trainings.
⭐ Amazon best selling author 8+ books on AI published.
⭐ Writes 1,000+ words daily for the popular ‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ email newsletter. Read by 50,000+ entrepreneurially minded people.
⭐ Created over 30 AI business guides.
⭐ Leads community of 800+ entrepreneurs and business owners interested in AI
⭐ Combined audience size of: 110,000+
⭐ International trainer
⭐ Quoted in Forbes on multiple occasions on subject of AI

I’d like to tell you it’s always been this way…but it hasn’t…

It’s safe to say online business and running my own ship saved my life.

15 years ago I had a total breakdown. Depression took a hold of me. My marriage collapsed and I couldn’t see a future where I’d exist.

It was a dark time.

Add to that I realised the MBA I had invested so much into was just grooming me for a corporate career.

That’s when I read the famous ‘4-hour work week’ which opened my eyes to the power of Online Business.

I applied what I learned from this book and launched my first online business!

And it worked!

This allowed me to make money globally, from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop.

After travelling and living the laptop lifestyle I moved back to my hometown of London, with a bit more travelling – because why the hell not.

Work has been building companies, buying companies, selling companies, consulting and educating – all in the realm of online business and digital marketing.

And since November 2022 — Total immersion in AI + Online Business.

AI will change everything.

So I’m all in on it.

I know what it feels like to be in a dark place. Find the light. And come out of the other side.

I hope my videos, books, newsletter or courses will become the catalyst that transform the trajectory of your life (in the age of AI!). Like the ‘4-hour work week’ did for me all those years ago.

Still here?

If you’ve made it this far and not joined you might be thinking:

  • “is this really worth it?”
  • “can I do it on my own?”
  • “do I really want this?”

“Is this really worth it?”

If you like the sound of having an online audience that buys your product and service. And cash dropping into your bank account every day, month and year.

Allowing you to create authentically, grow your business, improve your lifestyle, quit your job and go all-into what you’re passionate about…then it’s worth it.

“Can I do it on my own?”

Yes. But chances are if you haven’t done it already, you never will.

30D30V might be the antidote to your day-dreaming (or the kick) you need to make it happen.

“Do I really want this?”

Imagine yourself a year from now. You look back and you’ve built an audience online (about the same time it took me to build an audience of 100k). How do you feel?

Glad you started, proud, excited about what’s next?

If you look back and you could’ve done that, but didn’t — would you feel regretful?

If the answer is yes…

Then I’d hazard a guess you want this.

So…shall we get started?

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