AI and the Future of Work PART 3


Definitely ruffled some feathers this week.

Got my first angry response to one of my emails!

I did warn you all that it’ll be a tough week. But we’re getting into the positive “ok now what?” steps now. We’re not here to wallow in self pity but instead we’re people of action.

We’ll get rolling right after this word from our sponsor.

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Let’s get started:

Be the disruptor

I had an interesting conversation the other day.

I was chatting about how it’s important to insulate your job against AI.

And one guy responded “I’ve not got that problem – my bosses are fossils . They’ll never start using this AI stuff. My job is safe.”

Here’s the thing though – if the company doesn’t adapt then it’ll be taken out by a competitor who does!

It doesn’t matter if your job is safe is the company is gone.

It’s a safe job in a dead company.

Same result.

Lead the revolution

Here’s an idea: be the internal disruptor pushing for the adoption of AI.

You become the evangelist.

The one calling for teams to be trained and tools to be installed.

Lots of people are right now using AI secretly at work. It’s a phenomenon called “shadow IT”: when workers start using systems in secret!

Usually with new technology it’s the IT department and leadership who need to force workers to use a new software.

The opposite is true with AI – it’s grassroots. Staff use it and the company has to catch up.

Just today I had a phone call with a big (like, capital-B BIG) American software company. These guys are still working out their policy regarding AI – even here it’s being used by staff without “official” sanction.

This gives you a massive opportunity:

  • learn about AI, get trained
  • start using them in your work
  • offer to train others
  • push for more adoption

Suddenly you are the expert pushing for change.

And here’s the best news – AIs like ChatGPT are new. Just over a year old. Which means you can very quickly become better than 90% of people out there.

Hell, you could even build AI systems for the company, become indispensable, quit and sell your services back as a consultant for 5x the salary. If your value to the company is high enough this is very doable.

What if they don’t listen?

Let’s say you chat to your company about wanting to do more with AI.

You want them to send you on a training. You want them to get some paid ChatGPT accounts. You want them to see what’s happening in the market.

And they say: no.

Honestly – they’re dead. Just don’t know it yet.

It might take a year. It might take ten. But it’ll happen. Competitors who embrace the tech will eat their lunch.

Do with that information as you see fit.

Don’t work 9-5?

Are you already your own boss? Awesome.

You still need to apply the same logic to your business. Think about how your company, in your industry, is preparing for AI.

I saw what was coming back in January 2023 and shut down my digital marketing agency. 6 figs, gone.

It’s a bigger shift if you need to shake up your own company. But you also have more control. And more responsibility to yourself, team and customers.

Next steps

No prompt today.

Instead I want you to go ask your leadership if they can send you on an AI training course.

There are plenty around. Google will flag them up.

I also provide them (internationally) but am not pitching you specifically. You can very likely find something closer and not have to fly me all over. 🤣 

Alternatively if you already have been using AI for a while and feel confident maybe you can do a training? Shoot me a message if you want to spitball that – I can offer some suggestions on how you’d structure that.

If your company isn’t interested – have a real think about their future.

And if you have your own company the same applies. What AI training can you get your staff? Small step but super important.

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