AI and the Future of Work PART 4


In this section we look outside our current role.

There’s a wide wide world opening up.

Let’s go get it.

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Let’s get started:

Skill up

In the last couple of Parts we looked at how we can insulate ourselves within our current role.

How to protect the status quo by focusing on non-AI parts of our job and how to make sure our company takes AI seriously.

But what about beyond that? So far it’s been about how to survive.

But what if we want to thrive?

All this change is a threat yes.

But it’s also a chance.

Change is good. It leads to opportunities.

As old systems collapse new ones rise up.

As old businesses fold the new grow.

AI offers this opportunity – in the same way that the advent of the internet did.

To be fully ready to take advantage let’s look at the best skills to acquire.

Top skills in an AI world

Learn to use AI

First up here’s a nice easy one: learn how to use AI.

There are a couple of levels here:

  • basic AI prompting using ChatGPT
  • building workflows and custom GPTs
  • building own apps
  • getting into actual AI development

The last one is for Computer Scientists. Sure you can learn it but for most goals it’s overkill.

Instead focus on the first three- prompting, workflows and apps.

I’ve covered all of these exhaustively in various Playbooks. You can get full vault access here.

More than anything though you need to use AI. Use it at work. Build projects. Play with new tools. Immerse yourself in it.

Reading about using AI isn’t enough. It has to be active, like any skill.

In the last Part I mentioned teaching other people in your organisation. Teaching is the best way to make sure you know your stuff.

Richard Feynman talked about this a lot. Basically the most effective method to cement our own understanding is to imagine we are teaching the material to a complete beginner.

If you can teach to a 5 year old then you truly understand the topic.


Human communication in all its forms will increase in importance.

It’s one of the main advantages that we have over an AI. And will remain so.

In fact it’ll become more important as AIs take up other roles – leaving more time to communicate.

Communication comes in many forms and modalities – writing, spoken, public speaking – and for many functions – sales, convincing, negotiation etc.

My advice here is to build a personal brand.

Whatever you do having a personal brand will help. This isn’t the same as being an influencer. It’s about putting your knowledge and expertise out there, answering questions, solving problems – just in the public space.

Video is king here – it’s the most authentic and direct format, you are literally there on screen.

Ignore AI generated video and faceless video. That’ll get flooded. Focus on what you can do that AI can’t. Which is being yourself, warts and all.

Judgement and critical thinking

As AI gets better at generating information our ability to separate true from false will become more important.

Already on the internet this is an issue – it’s going to get worse.

Top recommendation – grab a copy of Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow”. It’s not an easy read but it’s a masterclass in learning how to think.

Prefer a course? Check out “Think Again” by Duke University on Coursera. It’s free of you audit the course.


OK I’m biased here I’ll admit!

I believe the best move you have right now is to start a business.

I’ll cover this in more detail in tomorrow’s Part.

Basically though – job security is down. Industries are at risk. That’s the stick. All of that is happening and very real.

On the flipside, the carrot, is the fact that it’s never been easier to start your own business. AI gives us tools that make this much easier than it has ever been.

When I started my first online business I had to code, set up eCom, write sales copy, build a marketing strategy, run my own ads etc. etc.

Now there are free and low cost tools that can do these tasks without us needing to hire or learn the skills ourselves. It’s such an amazing opportunity and I’m a bit jealous!

I’ll talk about this more tomorrow though!

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