Become a Content Marketing Machine PART 1


If you follow me on social you’ll probably notice I put out lot of content each week.

And that’s on top of the 1000-1500 word newsletters that I’m writing daily.

This week I want to show you some of the systems and techniques I used to produce helpful content en-masse.

The basic shape of the week will be:

  • mass content idea generation (today)
  • creating blog posts
  • breaking posts into social media
  • video to go alongside
  • imagery based on the post

It all ties together.

One idea will lead to a long blog, multiple social posts, a video and images. All tied together, all aligned.

The focus will be very much on authentic personal brand – based on you. Low production requirements. Value over style.

This is the way to win in the creator economy.

We’ll cover:

  • Part 1: Never ending story
  • Part 2: First go long
  • Part 3: Break it down
  • Part 4: Video overlay
  • Part 5: Getting arty

We’ll get rolling right after this word from our sponsor.

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Let’s get started:

Never-ending story

First up we need to eliminate writer’s block. Sitting down and thinking “what shall I create” is a thing of the past.

I’m going to give you a prompt that can generate obscene amounts of ideas.

Will they all be good? Nope! You’ll need to select the best and tweak from there. But you’ll have a lot to work from!

This prompt is based of Dickie Bush’s content matrix. I recommend you go and learn anything and everything you can from him by the way. He’s one of the good ones. His blog + newsletter are the place to start.

Here’s the prompt:

Act as an expert content strategist and writer. 

My audience is [audience details]
Their common problems are [list problems]
My business helps the audience to [how you solve problems]

Help me create a content matrix. 
X axis = content types: Actionable How-To, Inspirational Advice, Example Breakdown, Contrarian take, Unique Observation, Present vs. Past, Listicle, Social proof about myself, Lessons learned, Benefits, Reasons Why, Common Mistakes

All relate to the topics in the Y Axis.

The Y axis contains my topics:
Generate a list of topics based on my audience, audience problems and how my business helps.

Generate the full context matrix, giving headlines in each cell. Make sure the content types are on the X axis and my topics in the Y axis. 

Fill in the specifics of your business. I used the following for this example:

My audience is people starting their first business 
Their common problems are what niche, no money, no time, stuck in 9-5, not sure first steps.
My business helps the audience to start  a business by leveraging AI tools like chatgpt

First the prompt generates a list of Topics:

Then it takes the topics and the content types and creates a huge amount of potential content for us:

This is just a snippet of the whole because there are 10 topics and 12 content types for a total of 120 cells.

That’s 120 things you can talk about right there. No more “I don’t have any ideas”.

Copy/paste these ideas into Excel or Notion or your tool of choice.

We’ll be using them in the next Part to generate posts.

FYI if you use ChatGPT Plus ask it for a CSV file and it’ll give you a downloadable version. Cool huh?

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