Become a Content Marketing Machine PART 4


Do NOT sleep on short video.

If nothing else I want you to walk away from this Part knowing you need to start short video ASAP for your business.

I’ve been doing short video for a while on Tiktok, Youtube and just started Instagram.

Here is how Instagram is going:

Notice only 385 followers – very small!

But in the last month 205,000+ accounts have watched my videos, 7500+ engaged.

That’s nearly a quarter of a million people. It’s still rising and I expect that quarter mil today or tomorrow.

I have similar examples from early on Tiktok and Youtube too – video, unlike other formats, lets you get in front of lots of people even when your account is small.

I like to call it “popping off” as in “oh, another video has popped off” and is going to the moooooon.

I’ve been (gently!) bullying my partner to get into short video for her coachng company + podcast and she finally did yesterday. Immediately had a video that rocketed to 2000+ views with huge engagement.

She admitted that maybe I was right.

I’m hoping that you’ll also try out short video after this and come to a similar realisation!

Let’s look at how to add short form video into our content mix.

We’ll get rolling right after this word from our sponsor.

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Let’s get started:

Video Overlay

First up I’ve written Playbooks on short video before. Both are in the Vault:

These are more in-depth guides about setting up for video production and the specific “newsjacking” strategy I recommend to get started.

In this Part though I want to build on our content repurposing.

We’re going to convert our short posts from the last Part into video scripts.

Head back to the short post ideas we generated in the last Part.

Below these in ChatGPT use this prompt:

Act as a social media script writer

For each of the short posts create a short video script

Each video should be 30 -60 seconds

Start with a strong, engaging, curiosity driving hook

Give me the main talk points, not in full sentences

Do not include stage directions or images 

This will generate short video script ideas for each of the posts. Here for example are the talking points for the Expert Authority posts:

Notice that these give the main talking points. Not a full line by line script.

If you are creating a 30-60 second video (a short) you have very little time to talk. It’ll be over before you know it.

If you have 3 bullet points as above you can talk on each quickly and fill the minute very quickly.

I recommend this approach as it leads to more natural, less stilted delivery.

Full scripting

If you do prefer a full script though review the script ideas and then use this prompt to expand one of the ideas:

For script [number]
Provide a full 60 second script
Give suggestions for supporting 1-2 images

This leads to fuller script:

The problem with this sort of script is that it won’t “sound like” you. Not without edits and rewrites. Hence me recommending you starting with a couple of main points and speaking off the dome.

Get shooting

Initially it’s hard. Really hard. But like anything if you practice you’ll develop the skill. The other Playbooks talk about this in more detail than I can here.

For now I recommend you start filming on Tiktok.

Primarily because it has the best recording interface. It allows you to hold the record button, capture a sentence of two, then release record to stop.

If you flubbed the take no problem – hit the x to delete that last clip. If it was a good take move to the next. It’s that simple. The interface makes it super easy to cut out bad takes on the fly.

The name of the game now is to generate short videos alongside your posts.

You don’t need to video all of the posts. Instead read through the posts and think about which ones would be interesting to talk about. Then shoot those ones as videos and drop the rest. Keep it simple. Keep producing.

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