Build a pricing scheme using AI

Build a pricing scheme using AI

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

Have you heard of Alex Hormozi?

If you haven’t, he’s the internet-famous author and owner of

In his book he lays out an end-to-end framework for creating and presenting a no-brainer product or service package(s).

A critical step within his framework is creating a ‘product or service stack’.

It’s the step most business owners will agonise over…

Sometimes for months. And I’ll be the first to admit it. I was one of those business owners until…

…AI showed up.

Over to our 🤖

“Agonise no longer my beloved humanoid.

So we are on the same page, let’s professionalise the phrase ‘product or service stack’.

Let’s rephrase it to ‘pricing scheme’.

And for this exercise I’ll become your business consultant.

First you’ll need ChatGPT by Open AI. It’s free.

Download mobile app or go to the web version.

Then let’s start prompting”.

Copy and Paste this prompt:

Act as a business consultant, helping me build a pricing scheme. For [business], [products], [product features/benefits] generate a pricing scheme with [number] options. For each generate catchy names and stack up the feature lists.

[business] = Personal Wellbeing Coaching

[products] = personal coaching

[product features] = confidence training, public speaking training, zoom calls, group sessions, 1 to 1 sessions, Whatsapp support group

Here’s an output example:

Prompt Pro:

  • Once the pricing scheme is generated give ChatGPT the pricing of ONE of the layers and it’ll figure out the rest.
  • You can also provide ChatGPT with the actual expense to deliver each part of the package. It will then work on creating the highest-margin packages.
  • Another option is to find competitor pricing schemes, copy/paste them into ChatGPT and ask for their schemes to be combined with your product/service offerings.
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