Building an AI Team using AI PART 3


We’re going to be building a custom GPT that writes newsletters for us.

Don’t have a newsletter?

No worries – this GPT can be easily adapted to write blog articles. Basically any longer form text. Hell, if you are feeling frisky it could be adapted to write a book for you.

Building a newsletter GPT

For this GPT we’ll combine two elements:

  • a pre-determined newsletter format
  • web searches for content

For the newsletter format we have a choice. We can either upload multiple copies of our past newsletters into the training data as Knowledge.

Or we can provide links to past newsletters so ChatGPT can extract the structure. For the purposes of this Custom GPT we’ll do this as it helps show the internet capabilities more.

Create a new GPT and plug in these basic instructions to get started.

Make sure to fill in your topics and niche.

Create a newsletter writing assistant for my business. 

The tool will be used to write newsletters for my subscribers. 

Use web search to fill the sections with pertinent news and updates from diverse reputable sources. 

My niche is [niche area]
Topic areas I talk about include: [topics]
Topic areas I do not talk about include: [negative topics]

Step 1, based on the training data create a templated newsletter. Ask for links of past issues to extract the structure, sections, tone and language of my newsletter. 

Step 2, based on my niche, topics and negative topics perform a web search for relevant content. 

Step 3, provide options for each segment in the newsletter and get my feedback.

Step 4, use your web research and my feedback to complete the newsletter in full. 

Always return to the steps - focus strictly on the predefined steps and do not deviate.

This Custom GPT specifically generates a news focused newsletter.

It will:

  1. Get information about your newsletter’s format from past issues
  2. Look for relevant news stories
  3. Fit the news stories to the format of your newsletter, giving options for each section
  4. Compile the entire newsletter

For example I told the Custom GPT that I write a newsletter about AI for business. I then fed in issues of the Rundown (the best AI news newsletter) for the test.

The Custom GPT went ahead and pulled some story options for me and then fitted them to the format of the Rundown:

From here I can either manually write out the article based on the notes. Or ask my Custom GPT to write it out in full.

I can then continue on in this fashion until I have a full newsletter outlined. As always I’d recommend writing the actual copy manually – a fully AI generated newsletter will likely be very generic. Instead leverage AI to do your research and prepare your draft.

Premium Prompt – Pre-built Newsletter GPT

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