Building an AI Team using AI PART 4


Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

Another day another GPT.

We’re also going to be using a new technique to build our GPT today: uploading a source text to build from.

We’ll build a copywriting assistant that is trained on copywriting books.

Let’s get started:

Building a sales copywriting GPT

Go ahead and create a new custom GPT and plug in these instructions to get started:

Create a sales copywriting assistant for my business. 

The tool will be used to write sales copy in various formats for my business. 

Create a copywriting GPT based on the uploaded book(s) I have provided

My target audience are [information about audience]

My products are [information about products]

Use this background information and the book(s) to build a copywriting GPT for my business. 

In the Configure tab you will upload source texts – grab PDFs or text files of the best copywriting books and add them.

As an example you can use this

We’re specifically building a model based on these books. We’re doing this with copywriting but obviously this technique is applicable to any type of expertise.

Want to chat Philosophy with Plato? Upload his complete works.

Need Stephen King to give novel writing advice? Upload his “On Writing”.

Want to talk investment to Charlie Munger (RIP)? Upload Munger’s Almanac.

In our case we’re using a copywriting book to give our GPT the knowledge of a copywriter – much like if we were training ourselves or an employee in the skill.

Continue to answer the questions ChatGPT throws at you (name, logo etc.) until your GPT is ready to test.

Use the right hand panel to play around with the GPT – for instance ask it to perform copywriting tasks like preparing product descriptions, writing a sales email or even generating a full landing page.

In the example below I fed my GPT my AI Business Accelerator Academy sales landing page and asked for specific recommendations for improvements:

As with any Custom GPT use the results of the preview panel to provide feedback to the model. Help it learn by telling it what you expect, what it’s doing well and what it is failing to do. The more feedback the more it’ll improve.

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