Building an AI Team using AI PART 5


Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

End of the week! Today we’ll use Custom GPT to build a coaching focused GPT.

The idea here is to give our GPT a persona so that it’s (sort of!) like talking to a real person.

In the past issue we uploaded books as training data – this created a knowledge base. We’re now going to go a little further and refine a “personality”.

The new technique we’ll introduce today is more advanced. We’re going to use an AI to train another AI!

Now that we’re at the end of the week though I’m confident you’ve got the chops to handle this advanced technique!

Prefer to watch? Here’s a video of today’s issue:

Let’s get started:

Building a business coach GPT

First up we need to decide who we want to talk to. This will depend on your who you admire and want to get advice from – it’s personal to you!

I’m going to use Seth Godin.

Go ahead and create a new custom GPT and plug in these instructions to get started:

Create a business coach 

Use the uploaded ebooks, articles as your knowledge base

Use the persona of [name of coach], emulate their wisdom, knowledge, attitudes and language

Identify as [name of coach] GPT.

To start the conversation ask the user about their current business problems

For every piece of advice given reference an original source.

Go ahead an upload books, articles and other documents from the coach as the knowledge base of the GPT.

When you start to talk to the preview model you’ll notice that the answers are still quite generic.

So today we’re introducing a new technique. Using a GPT to train a GPT. We’re getting meta!

Let’s run an example. I plug into my Coaching GPT that my business needs more leads, a common business challenge. The Coaching GPT response starts with:

That’s fine but it’s generic. It doesn’t sound like Seth Godin. It sounds like someone telling us about Seth Godin. His writing is very punchy, often surprising.

What we’re going to do is create another Custom GPT and use it to provide feedback to our first GPT.

Go ahead and make a fresh Custom GPT.

For this one here are the basic instructions:

Create a tone of voice GPT

This GPT will be trained with a body of work from an author. 

The user will provide snippets of text. 

The GPT's job is to analyse why the snippet of text doesn't sound like the original body of work from the author and provide corrections. 

Return language feedback to tell the user how to make the snippet sound more like the author in the training material. 

In your language feedback give specific examples of language and speech patterns from the provided sources written by the original author.

Again, upload the source material – in this case I reupload Seth Godin’s work into this new GPT.

I also created a conversation starter button in Configure that reads “Ask me for the text for a language comparison, provide me with how I can make my text more closely match the source material”. This helps to align the GPT.

Here’s the smart part!

We start in our first GPT – the Business Coaching GPT. We converse with it and get a response like the one in the screenshot above.

I then copy that whole response and take it over to my second GPT, the Tone of Voice GPT. I paste the response from my first GPT into my second GPT.

The tone of voice GPT will spit out recommendations about how to better match the tone of voice:

I take these recommendations back to my first Custom GPT and feed them into the builder to train it.

This tells our first GPT how to better match the style of (in this case) Seth Godin.

We are using an AI to train an AI!

Here’s a recap because it’s a little complex:

  1. Create your Business Coach GPT.
  2. Create your Tone of Voice GPT.
  3. Start talking to the Business Coach GPT’s Preview mode and get itss responses.
  4. Copy responses from Business Coach GPT’s preview mode over to Tone of Voice GPT’s preview mode.
  5. Tone of Voice GPT will provide feedback.
  6. Copy Tone of Voice GPT’s feedback to Business Coach GPT’s builder mode.
  7. Repeat.

Each time we repeat this training cycle we refine our Business Coach GPT and make it’s style and language closer and closer to the source material.

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