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a Kyle Balmer Course

🧙🧙‍♀️ Learn how to go from Beginner to Master ChatGPT User in less than 7-days (even as a complete tech novice).


Hey, I’m Kyle.

I’m the guy you see all over social media teaching everyday people, entrepreneurs and companies how to use AI to — do more, in less time.

Do you know what happened in November 2022?


Let me catch you up.

Out of no where a thing called ChatGPT was released to the world.

ChatGPT gained one million users in its first week after launch.

What is ChatGPT?

I’ll keep this very simple…

ChatGPT is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI for short).

It’s the kind of thing we saw in Sci-fi movies growing up.

Some actor talks to a computer in human language…

And the computer talks back!

See the thing is…this is no longer science fiction.

AI Is here.

And it’s like a volcano that’s erupted — that can’t be stopped.

Here’s a recent headline:

8m is about 20% of the UK workforce — wtf!

Here’s a more detailed study some smart fancy company did:

That shows the industries MOST at risk.

Here’s the thing.

This chart says — “+7% increase in global GDP as a result of AI-driven productivity increases”.

Great right?

Well the same chart says — “300 million…full-time jobs that could be impacted by AI globally”.

I don’t know about you but I don’t care about GDP.

I care about my job, your job and entrepreneurs who are at risk.

The worst thing is…

Since November 2022 I closed down my business and went all in on AI.

I was fascinated and obsessed (I still am).

In that time I’ve seen very few bosses talking about — AI training for their teams.

But I have seen sh*t loads of — “AI will replace jobs and make us more profit”.

That ain’t cool.

In fact it’s down right outrageous.

So I’ve put together a…

 🧙🧙‍♀️ ChatGPT Crash Course

at an affordable price.

It’s text based so you can read it in less than 2-hours.

Come back to it as a reference guide.

Copy and paste the examples.

Show your boss what AI can do…

Or don’t and secretly be the smartest person in the room!

It’s perfect for:

✓ go getting employees
✓ business owners
✓ entrepreneurs
✓ students


✓ life long learners

It includes 5-quick to learn parts:

Part 1 — introduces you to ChatGPT

✓ Overcome AI common fears (so you don’t fear it)

✓ Discover 11 must know ChatGPT techniques (so you can speak to AI the moment you get the course)

✓ Get my “talk to AI cheat sheet” (you’ll wow your bosses and employees with these tips)

Part 2 — get intermediate skills

✓ Learn fancy terms fancy people will start using (so you can join the conversation)

✓ My 6 rules for getting AI to do what you want (better to rule it than be ruled by it)

✓ Learn what’s under the AI hood (so you know how it actually works)

✓ My favourite ‘talk to AI framework’ (that people on the internet now steal and claim as their own)

✓ I’ll show you the 3 most popular “talk to AI” techniques (with real life examples)

Part 3 – level up with advanced skills

✓ Learn how to get back almost 8+ hours a week (Most people skip these 5 tips – you won’t!)

✓ A framework I personally use to make reusable AI instructions (if you do a repetitive task – this will be a life saver)

✓ A deep dive into 3 advanced AI techniques (your boss and most ‘AI gurus’ won’t know these)

Part 4 – use AI like a Pro everyday!

✓ Save $$$’s by avoiding this one AI trap (once you know this your life will become distraction free)

✓ Get introduced to my $2,000 quadrant (I’ll walk you through the same AI task matrix companies pay me $2,000+ to learn)

✓ Learn how to let AI fully automate the work you hate to do (this technique will be what let’s you work on the the things that really matter to you)

✓ I’ll show you the best tool to use alongside ChatGPT (this tool takes automation to the next level)

Part 5 – AI mastery and words of advice

✓ The process I followed to go from AI beginner in November 2022 to training companies how to use it (with these foundational skills you could also open up new doors)

✓ My 6 top tips to enter the 1% club (become a top 1% ChatGPT user with these tips)

Main learning outcomes:

✓ You’ll become aware of what ChatGPT is (and fancy terms people will use to confuse you)

✓ You’ll understand what ChatGPT can do (and can’t do).

✓ You’ll earn how to use it day to day (get more done in less time)

✓ You’ll earn how to use it to fully automate your most hated tasks (be free to think and perform at your highest level)

That’s high-level what you’ll learn.

But the real reason I put this together is…

AI might come for your job.

Or there will be a major shift in what employers and clients want.

They will expect you to use AI.

So my prediction is:

“People won’t lose their job or business to AI…

…People will lose their job or business to the person who uses AI”

If you watch my videos and read my newsletter…

I want to support you by providing you the skill needed to not just survive…but thrive in the age of AI.

Don’t wait for your ‘official training’ (It might never come).

Get the ChatGPT crash course now.

Start up-skilling asap.

Become AI-proof.

Get 🧙🧙‍♀️ ChatGPT Crash Course Today

For a limited time ChatGPT Crash Course is available for FREE as part of our premium newsletter bundle called: “AI Futurpreneur Forge”.

This might get a little confusing so hang in there…

I’ve now included the ChatGPT Crash Course as part of my AI Futurpreneur Forge (Premium Newsletter).

“Huh what?”

Ok if you’re not familiar I have a premium email newsletter that comes with a whole bunch of awesome AI resources for entrepreneurs.

That’s called the AI Futurpreneur Forge.

The AI Futurpreneur Forge and the ChatGPT Crash Course work hand in hand.

Once you’ve learned how to use ChatGPT like a pro, you’ll be hungry to test out your skills. I share hundreds of ways to test out your ChatGPT skills in the Forge.


If you don’t want to join the Forge, you can also buy the ChatGPT Crash Course by itself.

Get it now…

ChatGPT Crash Course

Go from beginner to ChatGPT master in less than 7-days.


One time payment.

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Most popular choice.

Most skills are ‘nice to have’.

So they get put into the “I’ll learn that someday” category.

Learning how to use AI is non-negotiable. It’s a must have. The people who learn it first will have a serious advantage in the age of AI.

Smart AI Entrepreneurs already have their hands on the ChatGPT Crash Course.

Jandru Ruiz

Jandru Ruiz

"I've read Kyle's newsletter for half a year and his content is pure value".



"I loved how lucid he was at communicating ideas and how generous he was at sharing what he knows"

Devon Lane

Devon Lane

"I always find something of value in what Kyle creates. He gives the most actionable advice and his implementation steps are super clear and easy to follow for a newbie like me"

Bessie Cooper

Bessie Cooper

"Kyles journey is honest and really resonates with many entrepreneurs who are struggling to take action instead of daydreaming for years"



"Dude your content rocks man! This newsletter series was awesome. Had me hooked!"

Chris Colban

Chris Colban

“I usually don't promote people. But if you want to read about some actually good use cases for AI, then check out Kyle Balmer and this newsletter...The best in the field."



"Love your content, friend. Cutting right through the bullshit and providing value and answers. That is the way"

Daniel Sjöstedt

Daniel Sjöstedt

"Kyle is a great teacher and the content is both on point and valuable. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to learn more about AI and online business building"

Laura Goyer

Laura Goyer

"Having been a fan of Kyle's 'Prompt Entrepreneur' newsletter for a while (seriously, the playbooks are so good they should have a price tag)"

Created by Kyle Balmer

⭐ Co-founded Vietnam’s first private television station.
⭐ MBA from NYU Stern.
⭐ 15+ years as a serial entrepreneur.
⭐ Roles have include: Fractional CMO, director of digital marketing agency, coach, consultant.
⭐ 30,000+ people have enrolled onto his online business (and marketing) trainings.
⭐ Amazon best selling author 8+ books on AI published.
⭐ Writes 1,000+ words daily for the popular ‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ email newsletter. Read by 50,000+ entrepreneurially minded people.
⭐ Created over 30 AI business guides.
⭐ Leads community of 800+ entrepreneurs and business owners interested in AI
⭐ Combined audience size of: 110,000+
⭐ International trainer
⭐ Quoted in Forbes on multiple occasions on subject of AI

I’d like to tell you it’s always been this way.

But it hasn’t…

It’s safe to say online business and running my own ship saved my life.

15 years ago I had a total breakdown. Depression took a hold of me. My marriage collapsed and I couldn’t see a future where I’d exist.

It was a dark time.

Add to that I realised the MBA I had invested so much into was just grooming me for a corporate career.

That’s when I read the famous ‘4-hour work week’ which opened my eyes to the power of Online Business.

I applied what I learned from this book and launched my first online business!

And it worked!

This allowed me to make money globally, from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop.

After travelling and living the laptop lifestyle I moved back to my hometown of London, with a bit more travelling – because why the hell not.

Work has been building companies, buying companies, selling companies, consulting and educating – all in the realm of online business and digital marketing.

And since November 2022 — Total immersion in AI + Online Business.

AI will change everything.

So I’m all in on it.

I know what it feels like to be in a dark place. Find the light. And come out of the other side.

I hope my courses will become the catalyst that transform the trajectory of your life (in the age of AI!). Like the ‘4-hour work week’ did for me all those years ago.

Upskill. And thrive in the age of AI