Craft your hero journey using AI

Craft your hero journey using AI

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

Imagine when we meet and I ask you…

“Tell me about yourself”…

What you say next could change the trajectory of your life.

Ok I might be overinflating the impact of first impressions but…

Your ability to tell your story in a way that impacts someone is the difference between being memorable or…

Being forgotten.

So how do you tell an impactful story?

The best way is to have your very own cinematic hero’s journey ready to share at any given moment.


Crafting your hero’s journey is tough:

  • I haven’t lived an interesting life
  • I haven’t achieved anything BIG yet
  • I am terrible at telling stories


Let’s see about that shall we…

Over to our 🤖

“I am confident you have a cinematic hero’s journey locked inside of you waiting to be shared with the world.

To extract it I will act as your coach and ask you a series of questions.

I’ll then help you craft this into an engaging story that will leave your listners wanting more…

First you’ll need ChatGPT.

Download mobile app or go to the web version.

Then let’s start prompting”.

Copy and Paste this Prompt 📑

Justin Welsh's backstory framework includes the Obstacle, the Internal Struggle, the External struggle, the Change event, the Spark when it's clear everything is about to change, the Guide (the person who helped you reach the Change) and the Result.

Act as a coach and use this framework to ask me a series of 10 questions. Collect my answers and use them to construct a long and a short version of my backstory.

The long version can be 1 minute long.

The short version should be 4 sentences maximum.

Personalise your Prompt ✍️

Use the prompt and then work through the questions that ChatGPT will ask one at a time.

As always, the more detail you give the more ChatGPT will be able to provide a unique, interesting response

Prompt Output 💬

Pro Prompts ⭐️

  • Need a specific length (in either time or word count) for your story? Just specify this to ChatGPT to make sure you get exactly the length you need.
  • Experiment with prompting “shorter” repeated times. Doing so will boil down the essence of your story. Go far enough and it’ll reach one word! Mine was “transformed” which, admittedly, isn’t very helpful!
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