Create a learning plan for financial accounting using AI

Create a learning plan for financial accounting using AI

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

Most entrepreneurs are either naturally sales and marketing people or product people.

All are unbelievably valuable skills to take your business from zero to one.

But what happens when you get from one to two?

Or even two to three?

Ok I’ll stop counting. You get the point.

As your business grows you’ll face new challenges…

These challenges require a different skill set.

Like the F-word.

Financial accounting.

So what do you do?

It’s obvious. You hire a CFO.

But wait, there’s just one teeny-weeny problem.

You won’t know how to:

  • Speak their language
  • Ask powerful questions
  • Ensure what they do is aligned with your vision

Until now…

Over to our 🤖

“So I was looking into how you humans used to learn new subjects.

I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Thankfully now I am here.

Let’s lay a strong foundation by creating a learning plan.

First you’ll need ChatGPT.

Download mobile app or go to the web version.

Then let’s start prompting”.

Copy and Paste this Prompt 📑

Please create a comprehensive learning plan for financial accounting. Cover the  fundamentals and important topics. 

Please format it as a indented, bulleted list and include relevant web resources, such as blog articles or YouTube videos, for each section.

Personalise your Prompt ✍️

  • Use this prompt to design a learning plan for any business topics you think you need to up your knowledge in.
  • Simply replace “financial accounting” in the prompt with your subject of choice.

Prompt Output 💬

Certainly! Here's a comprehensive learning plan for financial accounting, covering the fundamentals and important topics. Each section includes a brief description, followed by indented bullet points with relevant web resources: 1. Introduction to Financial Accounting: - Understand the purpose and importance of financial accounting in business. - Learn the basic accounting equation and the principles of double-entry bookkeeping. Resources: - Website: []( - YouTube Video: [Introduction to Financial Accounting]( 2. Financial Statements: - Study the components and preparation of financial statements: income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. - Interpret financial statements to assess a company's financial health. Resources: - Blog Article: [Understanding Financial Statements]( - YouTube Video: [Reading Financial Statements]( 3. Recording Transactions: - Learn how to record business transactions using the general journal and general ledger. - Understand the concepts of debits and credits. Resources: - Website: [Journal Entries Examples]( - YouTube Video: [Debits and Credits]( 4. Adjusting Entries and Accrual Accounting: - Explore the concept of accrual accounting and its impact on financial statements. - Understand the purpose and preparation of adjusting entries. Resources: - Blog Article: [Accrual Accounting vs. Cash Basis Accounting]( - YouTube Video: [Adjusting Entries]( 5. Inventory Valuation and Cost of Goods Sold: - Learn different inventory valuation methods, such as FIFO and LIFO. - Understand how to calculate and record cost of goods sold. Resources: - Website: [Inventory Valuation Methods]( - YouTube Video: [Inventory Valuation Methods Explained]( 6. Revenue Recognition and Accounts Receivable: - Study revenue recognition principles and their impact on financial statements. - Learn about accounts receivable and the allowance for doubtful accounts. Resources: - Blog Article: [Understanding Revenue Recognition]( - YouTube Video: [Accounts Receivable and Revenue Recognition]( Remember to explore additional resources and practice exercises to reinforce your learning. Good luck with your financial accounting journey!

Pro Prompts ⭐️

  • Prefer books? Lectures? Documentaries? Or any other format? No problem – just replace blog and Youtube in the example with your preferred learning modality.
  • Need more detail? Simply rerun the prompt with a more specific learning objective. For example let’s rerun this for just financial statements:
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