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a Kyle Balmer Flagship Programme.

FAO: Aspiring — Entrepreneurs. Solopreneurs. Creators. Experts. Coaches. Knowledge workers. And life long learners — this is for you.

This might be the most important course I’ve ever made for everyday people that want to replace what they do now with a fulfilling (and AI-proof) internet business.

🟣 Kyle’s AI Business Breakthrough Academy

Get access to the lessons, systems and inside look on how I used AI to go from broken business to: 50,000 readers, 100,000 social audience, 8x best selling books, international training requests, brand deals and a 6-figure business — using my BATON business system.

It took 7-months to figure all this out. I’ll show you how to get started in less than 30-days.

“I’ve read Kyle’s newsletter for half a year and his content is pure value. Now that I’m inside AI Business Breakthrough Academy, the value has doubled and it’s becoming my main source of content, learning and inspiration.”

Jandru Ruiz

Jandru Ruiz

Academy Member

Time have changed

Imagine you wake up one morning to find your job as you know it is about to wiped out.

What would you do?

What would you fall back on?

The obvious answer is – find another job.

But what if your entire industry is being wiped out?

It’s already started

If you’re my newsletter reader you should by now be 100% aware of AI.

But what you may have missed is how it’s already taking jobs and coming after entire industries.

It’s easy to miss because most of the AI news online is – “this new AI tool will make you $10,000 per month” and “Elon Musk sues Sam Altman”.

This is a distraction from what’s actually happening:

Considering 8m is 20% of all jobs in the UK…

Jobs for life’ will be replaced by robots.

‘Knowledge workers’ will be replaced by invisible software.

And thirst for ‘corporate profits’ will lead to a ‘efficiency’ and ‘cost cutting’.

Does this mean it’s all doom and gloom?

Absolutely not!

I’ll talk about what we can do in a moment.

But first let’s believe.

Believe it’s possible.

Most people believed AI was a thing of science fiction.

But guess what – it’s here.

So it’s time to change what we believe is possible.

Starting with ourselves.

Im about to share with you how I turned my broken business into a 6-figure AI-proof income using my BATON business system.

Some of what I’m about tell you might feel impossible for you right now.

But I’m here to tell you it is possible because the rules have changed — for everyone!

So before we get into let’s agree to believe:

Forget everything you think you know about making money online (I’ve been in business 15-years and AI came along and slapped me in the face).

Don’t let your fear of technology hold you back (for the first time in history you can ‘talk to a computer’ the same way you’d Whatsapp a friend)

Park your personal circumstances (I’ve designed my breakthrough academy with people from all backgrounds in mind – people with family commitments and full-time jobs).

Agree to believe?


Let me tell you all about my broken business.

November 2022.

In November 2022 two events took place.

One to the world.

One to to me.

The world shattering event

I don’t read the news (even though it’s tempting).

Because whatever is being reported today won’t matter in a years time.


When you look back on the year – how many ‘news worthy’ events actually mattered?

Maybe 10-20 major events.

What about when you look back over 5 years?

Maybe 5-10 events.

What about when you look back over 10 years? 50 years? 100 years?

Maybe 3-5.

So when ChatGPT was released on November 2022.

It was so obvious that this would be one of those earth shattering events that people would still remember in 10+ years time (maybe even in 50 years time!).

Broken business

For the first time in 15-years of entrepreneurship I saw that my business is at serious risk from being wiped out by AI.

(You may be feeling this about your job — we’re in the same boat…

And the feeling sucks!).

It was only a matter of time before it broke (and before I went broke).


Simple – the business was NOT unique to me!

Anyone could copy my business tomorrow.

AI could copy my business tomorrow.

So I had only two choices:

Let AI chew me up and spit me out.

Or take action.

Take action

Almost all of my success over the years has one thing in common:

“I’ve learned the hard way. Nothing good comes from waiting. Everything good comes from taking action”. — Me.

So I did something some would call drastic (I call it pro-active).

I closed my business down before AI closed my business down.

And dedicated my entire focus on learning everything I could about how AI would impact business…

And turning that into actionable advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Who’ll be here-forth known as “AI Entrepreneurs”.

(If you’ve read my newsletter from the start you’ll know how serious I am about this mission).

My unfair advantage (soon to become yours)

As I mentioned – I’ve been starting and running my own businesses for 15-years now.

In that time I’ve acquired a set of skills.

These skills have helped me save myself and others from hostage situations

Their jobs (specifically jobs they hate!)

Every day they are doing something they don’t want to do.

With people they don’t want to be with.

And they cannot escape.

Their job wears them down day by day. Year by year. Until they are stuck in a cycle of mediocrity.

Completely worn out physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To cheer themselves up they distract themselves with cheap food, cheap entertainment and cheap 30-second videos of magic tricks.

Fast forward 10-years

They are still being held hostage.

In fact they’ve accepted this is an “okay way to live”.

Worse, they are now terrified of losing their job.

And boy do their bosses know it. These bosses subtly threaten their hostages with — performance reviews, expectation to work long hours, limited vacation days…

Every year around their birthday they feel regret. Because they know deep down there has got to be more to life than this.

I’m here to tell you there is more to life than this.

A hell of a lot more.

But to get there takes work.

Simple work.

But not easy work.

Gurus don't want you to know this

Unlike most people selling courses, the majority of my income hasn’t come from selling courses!

That’s not my path. Instead I’ve run a digital agency (bstreetdigital) based in London for over a decade, started and partnered in startups with 10+ companies, purchased a company and sold two companies.

I walked the walk.

And in 15-years I’ve released very few flagship courses.

In fact my last course was back in 2019.

Which is no longer for sale.


Because ChatGPT and other AI tools came along and made many of the systems I taught obsolete.

That’s OK — times have changed.

And we’ve got to change with them.

Back in 2019…

26,500+ people took my programme.

People loved it.

They loved it because it wasn’t like other ‘guru courses’.

Business gurus want you to buy their ‘one trick pony’ course.

Think drop shipping, faceless Youtube channels, book spamming Amazon, T-shirts… you get the point.

That is NOT what you will learn here

Here you’ll learn my BATON business system.

It’s the very system I’ve used to again and again over the years.

It’s special for two reasons:

  1. I’ve built it over 15-years through trial and error (and more failures than I’d care to talk about).
  2. It works for almost ANY business…

Unlike the guru ‘one trick pony’ that doesn’t really care about you.

The BATON business system focuses entirely on you.

It’s designed to help you create a business that you actually want to build.

It’s the same system I used to rebuild my business from scratch 7-months ago (when AI bulldozer’ed it).

It’s the same system you can use to build a business that makes money in the age of AI.

How to escape - Part 1

Most people think they need money to escape.

That’s only half-true.

Before you got paid from first job… you had to — go through school, go through college or university and go through on the job training.

(That’s a lot of ‘education’ to make only $30,000-40,000 a year!)

Before you got paid you had to learn skills.

Making money online, becoming an AI Entrepreneur is no different.

It’s the skills that help you escape.

The money and freedom of choice is the reward.

But there is one difference - Snakes and Ladders.

The skills you learn for your job let you:

  • trade time for money (you go to work, they pay you)
  • earn ‘just enough’ (to survive)
  • one dimensional (can only do one job)

Like in snakes and ladders if you get eaten by the big snake. You start again from zero.

That’s what happens when you lose your job.


The skills you learn in AI Entrepreneurship let you:

  • make money on autopilot (you sleep, they pay you)
  • earn ‘as much as you want’ (there is no ‘salary cap’ on what you can earn)
  • multi-dimensional (you can change and adapt as the world evolves)

And what if the snake that tries to eat you?

Well — you’ll chop it’s head off with the tools, tactics and systems I’ll show you.

How to escape - Part 2

Remember I told you my business was broken?

The reason it was broken was that it could very easily be copied.

Now I wasn’t too bothered if another human copied me. 

But I was VERY bothered (kinda terrified) if an AI could copy me (and based on the AI tools I’ve seen recently – it can!).

Because AI can do everything faster and cheaper than I could.

So I had to think of a better way.

A revolutionary way

To stop AI from copying me.

I had to build a business that was unique to me.

Because that’s one thing AI can’t copy.

Just like AI won’t replace Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet or Julia Roberts.

AI won’t replace entrepreneurs and business owners that have a business that is unique to themselves.

Remember the BATON business system I mentioned?

This is where it excels (and other courses fail hard!)

It shows you how to build a business that can’t be copied.

Another human can’t copy it.

AI can’t copy it.

Do you have to quit your job to become an AI Entrepreneur?

Absolutely not.

I’m not some guru-kid out of school promising you’ll make 6-figures and be able to quit your job in 30-days.

I have a mortgage, relationships and commitments that cost money.

You probably do to.

So quitting your job is nonsense and I’m not going to insult you intelligence.

If you read my newsletter you know I’m not about that sort of get-rich-quick BS.

Plus becoming an AI Entrepreneur is more about options than it is about quitting your job.

With options (money coming in from online business) the way you walk into work everyday changes.

You’ll be able to perform better because you no longer feel financial pressure.

And at the same time you’ll take no sh*t because you no longer feel financial pressure.

Options are going to be extremely important in the age of AI.

Now that’s clear let’s talk about AI and the future of entrepreneurship…

Become an AI Entrepreneur and…

Build your dreams.

Becoming an AI Entrepreneur will be your first step towards starting an online business.

An online business is how you leave your dreary job behind and replace it with your dream job.

(Or go to work because you choose to. Not because you have to!)

It’s where you’ll wake up and do something that energises you.

  • On your own terms (some days I work long fulfilling days. Some weeks I take off because I can).
  • With who you want (I don’t do calls. My calendar is empty).
  • From where you want (some months I work from Cyprus. some months from a coffee shop in Brixton).

And if you want a mini-retirement – do it. No one can stop you.

(Although I don’t recommend sitting on a beach all day like the gurus promote. I’m an advocate for living out your full potential – unless you are a pro-surfer).

Dreams built on strong foundations

Another thing about beaches is – sand makes for weak foundations.

We’ve all heard the story about the lottery winner who loses it all within a few years.

(or your friend who gets eaten by the big snake and loses their job and has to start again from zero).


They didn’t have what I call the ‘AI Skill Stack’.

When you enrol into the AI Academy, learn the BATON business system and complete the course, you’ll get a set of powerful skills.

It includes: AI, sales, marketing, business planning, writing, branding, copywriting, time management…

It also includes the priceless skills: resilience, creativity, decision making, problem solving, visionary thinking, confidence, strategic thinking…

Once you get the AI Skill Stack

No one or nothing can take away your dreams:

  • not the market
  • not the government
  • not AI

You become – Flexible. Adaptable. Able to seize new opportunities (that most people won’t even see).

But unlike me it won’t take you 10-years to painfully stack them.

Because of AI…

No one can put the genie back in the bottle

AI is kind of my secret weapon.

(And it’ will be yours soon too).

It’s now my most powerful tool in my toolbox.

And it’s here to stay:

If you’ve been my newsletter reader since day one you know that my expertise is both – Entrepreneurship AND AI.

That’s my secret

AI is the technological tool that will make or break the next generation of employees, experts, coaches, consultants, creators, business owners and entrepreneurs.

It will make those who use AI.

It will break those who don’t use AI.

The Entrepreneur that uses AI will do things:

  • Way faster (whilst the non-AI-creator spends weeks or months ideating, preparing, creating the AI Entreprepreneur has done it days)
  • Way cheaper (whilst non-AI-Entreprepreneur pay for staff headaches the AI Creator does things automatically)

Entrepreneurs suddenly have a super power.

Well, only those that decide to embrace it.

Only those that become AI Entrepreneurs.

Because it won’t be an AI that takes your job.

It will be an AI Entrepreneur that takes your job.

But here’s what they won’t tell you about AI

I mentioned AI is a power tool (that’s an understatement).

Unless you are the creator of AI (Sam Altman, Elon Musk or Google)…

AI is NOT the business.

For 99.9% of us AI is not our business.

That should give you a sense of relief because this isn’t a ‘technical course’ where I show you how to build your own AI.

Yet most people online are telling you AI is the business.

I’m not.

“Huh, what?!”

Let me explain…

For those that are new to my newsletter and don’t ‘know me-know me’:

  • I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years.
  • Co-founded Vietnam’s first private television station.
  • Got an MBA from NYU Stern.
  • Director of Digital Marketing Agency
  • 30,000+ people have gone through my trainings (at time of writing)
  • Started, sold and run businesses (both online and offline)

I don’t tell you all this to brag.

I tell you all this to let you know that you are in the right place…

I’m not a new kid, fresh out of school repeating other peoples stuff.

I’ve got a bit of ‘life’ under my belt (and started businesses. None of them ‘tech’ businesses).

But I get that it’s easy to look at that list and think I got lucky.

Did I get lucky?

Around the time I finished my MBA my marriage failed.

It ended in divorce.

Things spiralled into debilitating depression. So severe and out of control I couldn’t see a future.

Some how. By some stroke of magic. Maybe luck?

I picked up and read the famous ‘4-hour work week’ (I’ve always been a hardcore reader).

The original online business bible.

I did what Tim Ferriss told me.

and it frickin’ worked (thank you Tim Ferriss)!

It worked so well that I travelled around Nepal and my online business continued to collect cash on autopilot.

It’s safe to say online business saved my life.

For 15-years I lived and breathed online business.

It gave me freedom to work on what I wanted from wherever I wanted.

I know first hand how rewarding it can be.

It also means I’m uniquely placed to COMBINE my years as an entrepreneur and my new found obsession for AI and Entrepreneurship.

Not a new kid on the block, but still new enough

The good news for you is I’m in my second act.

Remember I closed my business down when AI arrived on the scene. So overnight I didn’t have a business, income or plan.

(But I did have a mortgage to pay).

7-months later I started to see results:

  • audience of 100,000
  • newsletter readership of 50,000
  • 8 x best selling books
  • featured in Forbes (”5 sources of AI news for entrepreneurs that want to grow”)
  • inbound training requests from around the world
  • training companies on AI (charging upwards of $4,000 a day)
  • 5 x income sources

This was all thanks to the BATON business system and AI systems I’ll show you in the Academy.

Take advantage now

So why’s this such a good thing for you?

Two reasons:

  • What is possible in a short space of time — I can’t promise you’ll get the same results — but it’s possible!
  • This has all just happened — it still works.

This links to another way I’ve succeeded in business…

It’s to learn from a mentor, coach or trainer that’s a couple steps ahead of me.

But not from someone that’s TOO far ahead of me.

It means everything I’ll show you still works.

Is still relevant.

Is still hot.

And most importantly…

I’m still doing it.

I’ve got to 50,000 readers and an audience of 100,000 in 7-months.

If I had an audience of a million?

I’d probably not be the right guy for you.

I’d no longer be in the trenches. And the tactics I used to grow my modern business may no longer work.

But as of writing this I’m ‘in it’.

So I am the right guy for you.

Steal everything I know and surpass me.


Let me tell you all about the AI Business Breakthrough Academy.

Kyle's AI Business Breakthrough Academy

The AI Business Breakthrough Academy is unlike anything out there as it combines AI and Entrepreneurship.

The Academy course is a step-by-step complete walkthrough of starting almost ANY business in todays modern digital world using the power of AI — thanks to the BATON business system.

It includes:

A self-paced course.
A 30-day accountability system.
Course Q&A.
And bonuses to stack the odds of success in your favour.

It includes the proven path I took to go from broken business to: 50,000 readers, 100,000 social audience, 8x best selling books, international training requests, brand deals and a 6-figure business.

Read on to learn more about what’s included:

AI Academy Course

AI Academy Course

All action. No Bs.
Action packed.
Includes my best AI Business Prompts.

30-Day Accountability System

30-Day Accountability System

Entrepreneurship is simple. But not easy. We’ll keep you on track through the hardest part — the start!

Course Q&A

Course Q&A

Ask me any question related to the course. Unlike most courses that ghost you as soon as you buy. I’m here to answer your most burning questions.

AI Academy Course

The AI AcademyCourse includes 6-focused modules walking you through:

audience building
creating offerings
and automation/scaling

Every step you’ll need to launch a almost any online business (I told you it’s not a ‘one trick’ course).

What I include in this course companies fly me out to learn.

Read on to find out what’s covered in each module:

Module 1 - AI Business Brainstorm

I’ll show you how to leverage AI to start a business that is low-risk high-reward that you are excited about (whether you have zero idea what you’d start or are multi-talented and flooded with ideas).

⭐️ My business framework (This perennial system will help you become an ‘infinite entrepreneur’. It’s the same framework I’ve used to stay in the game for 15 years and counting).

⭐️ Turn ChatGPT into a $1,000 coach or mentor (and get fast feedback so you can start your business quicker than anyone else in your space).

⭐️ Find your entrepreneurial calling (without sacrificing your income).

And more…

Module 2 - AI Audience Attraction

I’ll show you how to use AI to build an audience and distribution so you have hungry customers for your new business (even if you currently have no audience or have one and want to pivot).

⭐️ Find your voice and community online (finally figure out what you should post online even if you don’t know where to start or your head is filled with so many great ideas).

⭐️ AI content creation machine (create more engaging content than others in your space in a lot less time).

⭐️ The exact growth tactics 100k+ creators used when they got started (the big accounts won’t and can’t teach you these secrets now. But I can).

And more…

Module 3 - AI Total Tribe Builder

I’ll show you how to use AI to build a tribe that trusts you and become your super-fans (even if you don’t have a celebrity bone in your body. Trust me I’m the opposite of whatever a celebrity is.).

⭐️ Create your first 1,000 true fans (that will consume all your content and buy all your products).

⭐️ Perfect startup tech stack (I’ll save you $1,000s by telling you the exact tech stack you’ll need at this stage of your business journey).

⭐️ AI writing system (speed up your highest level content creation by 10x without sacrificing quality).

⭐️ AI tribe growth engine (use AI to build a magnetic presence that attracts your perfect customer – that will happily buy from you).

And more…

Module 4 - AI Killer Offer Creator

I’ll show you how to use AI to build a high-value money making offer that people seriously want to buy (even if you’ve never sold anything online before and are terrified of sales).

⭐️ Create once, sell twice (the secrets to a low-risk high-profit business model that could become your first passive income stream).

⭐️ Create your first big domino product (whilst others spend 3-6 months thinking about their product you’ll create yours in weeks using AI).

⭐️ Fulfilment tech stack (deliver your product without needing any tech, coding or customer service know how)

⭐️ 4 ways to easily market your product (building on work from module 1, 2 and 3 you’ll be in a position to make your first sales seamlessly. Most gurus will never teach you this in this exact sequence).

And more…

Module 5 - AI Automation and Scale

I’ll show you how to use AI to first automate your money making business to free up your time. Then I’ll show you how to use AI to scale to serve more customers, make more money and transform your life (most entrepreneurs focus here first and fail! I’ll help you avoid that trap).

⭐️ Learn the two best ways to scale (make more money without starting a whole new business from scratch)

⭐️ Unlock quick income wins (whilst you build your AI powered business you can make complimentary income along the way, I’ll show you how).

⭐️ Bolt-on businesses (I’ll show you ways to build on everything you’ve done to open up new marketing channels, product channels and ultimate make more income as you grow).

And more…

Course Q&A

I personally buy and commit to programmes like the one you’re investing in today.

So I know what has made an impact on my growth (and what hasn’t).

Me and my team have collectively spend $50,000+ on programmes, coaching and masterminds.

And there’s one thing that made sure we got the results we paid for:

Ask the course leader (mentor, coach) a direct question.

And get a direct response.

I cannot tell you how much of a business hack this is.

Your friends, parents and family just won’t understand this stuff.

They’ll tell you to:

  • stick to your ‘day job’
  • this is ‘risky’
  • what you are doing is ‘silly’

Honestly this can be the worst thing to hear when you setting out on an adventure.

Put yourself in an environment where people are rooting for you (and have walked the path you want to walk).

The Course Q&A is that space.

This allows you to…

Ask Me Anything – seriously!

I’m being serious.

I want you to ask me anything related to the course.

There’s nothing worse than working through a course and not being able to ask the course creator a question. I think that sucks.

So you’ll be able to ask me questions directly in the course lesson and get a reply from me (or another course member).

So no question is too small.

Remember I’m only a few steps ahead of you.

And other’s in the community will be uncovering secrets even I am not aware of.

Let’s win this game together.

(PS – This isn’t one of those discord groups where you’ll free pressure to participate. It’s a private space available as and when YOU need it).

Worth $200

30-Day Accountability System

I’ve stolen this for you.

Because it was too good not too.

One of my old mentors wasn’t like other course sellers.

Most course sellers would sell the course and leave you too it.

But that never felt right to him (and it doesn’t feel right to me).

So anyone who purchased his courses would also get invited to his ‘accountability system’.

He knew that what he was asking his students to do was simple but not easy.

Simple but not easy.

So he had to help them with the ‘not easy part’.

Thanks to his ‘accountability system’ his students started to get better results than ever before.

That’s because he helped them take what they were learning and take action.

So I’m stealing it for you.

I wan’t you to get the results you deserve.

I’ll spare you the boring details and mechanics of how it works.

What is important is:

  • I will push you
  • I will hold you accountable
  • I want to see you win

Worth $250

Bonuses you get when you join today

The AI Business Breakthrough Academy will make this journey simple. But you’ll still hit blocks.

So I want to give you extra tools which help smash through these blocks.

And stack the odds of success in your favour.​

#1 : No Excuses Bonus - Free Mobile App

You’re busy. One of the reason you want to build an AI powered online business is to buy back breathing room. Less hustle, more harmony.

Being busy means it’s not always convenient to have a perfect study environment.

Here’s me on a central london bus writing my daily newsletter.

So I’ve made the – AI Business Breakthrough Academy – learning resources available through both your web browser and a IOS and Android mobile app!


✅ Free easy to use, distraction free app
✅ Learning management (see progress, get badges and more)
✅ Learn and engage directly from the app at any time (even on the bus!)

#2 : Idea Log Bonus - Digital workbook

I’ve sat in 4-5 day educational events. I’d come away with amazing ideas and ways I could transform my life and business. And a workbook full to the brim!

The problem is most online courses don’t provide you with a workbook or you have to print-it-off (who has a printer now days?!)

So I’ve designed a digital workbook that you can use alongside the programme to store your ideas, ChatGPT outputs and next big business moves!


✅ Bonus digital workbook
✅ Pre-populated activities and challenges
✅ Private workbook that only you have access to

Worth $100

#3 : AI Skill Booster Bonus - ChatGPT Crash-Course

I want to give you everything you need to get started using ChatGPT.

So you not only get what I’ll teach you done even faster…

But you also excel at work and in life (try not to be too much of a show off!).

This bonus will let you wave AI like a magic wand!

Includes 5 rapid-learning-parts:

✅ Beginner – get started with AI.
✅ Intermediate – become a proficient AI user
✅ Advance – become a pro AI user
✅ Application – use AI to solve problems
✅ Mastery – become a top 1% AI user

Worth $20

#4 : Jump Start Bonus - AI Niche Navigator

Even though you are about to be presented with a complete roadmap on how to to start an online business in the age of AI…

You might hit a roadblock.

A common block.

Which is…

“What business do I start?”

So to make sure you don’t stay stuck at this roadblock for months (or years) you’ll also get access to the AI Niche Navigator.

It’s a complimentary guide that shows you the exact same process I used when discovering my dream niche.


hyper focused ‘niche finder’ course. 
✅ quick to complete self-paced course.

Worth $50

#5 : Short Cut Bonus - Micro Strategy Unlocks

I’ve saved the best bonus until last.

There’s TWO very special milestones in the course.

When you get to these you’ll unlock a Micro Strategy.

This is where I’ll personally drop you a video and talk you through how I’d approach things based on my 15-years in online business.

It could save you dropping $1,000s on a coach or mentor.

Save you wasting hours banging your head against a wall trying to figure it out.

And hopefully make you that internet money faster.


✅ Async micro strategy video x2
✅ Video will be from me personally

These get unlocked as you progress through the course. There are instructions inside the course on how to access the 2 x micro strategy.

Worth $500

Total value: $1,200

My step-by-step supportive AI Business Breakthrough Course, Accountability system, Q&A access and bonuses (worth $1,200) will finally help you create that business and life you’ve always wanted — faster than ever before!

Wait but how long does this take?

You’ve just learned what’s in the AI Business Breakthrough Academy.

And the value of everything you get exceeds $1,200.

And you’ll notice one other thing…

This isn’t a ‘get-rich-quick’ in 30-days or less kinda thing.

You may have also noticed another thing…

This isn’t all about money.

We don’t jump straight into selling. That’s Module 4 of 5!

This is about starting something you’ll be proud of.

Something that is unique to you.

And starting something is a journey.

Journeys take time.

And a commitment to see it through.

Thankfully it won’t take you as long as it used to take me.

Let me explain…

Before November 2022 it would personally take me 3-6 months to work through this process to launch a new business.

It would take my consulting clients even longer because they had to learn the process at the same time as implementing it – kudos to them!

But NOW…

Everything’s changed.

This is the awesome Chris who followed along with one of my AI Playbooks and launched his project in 3-days!

This is something that normally takes a full-time entrepreneur 30 days or more!

Let that sink in for a moment!

Imagine finally doing what you want but 10x faster.

This means you can actually get results before and after work.

And on the weekends.

Now this is an extreme example.

But I wanted to show you what’s now possible with the power of AI.

AI + my Business Breakthrough Academy lets you:

⚡ Start a business quicker (even if you’ve only got a few hours free a week).

💰 Start a business cheaper (you don’t need to buy a franchise or drop thousands of pounds. Zero to a couple hundred dollars is all it takes today).

💆‍♂️ Start a business low-risk (you don’t have to bet your house, your job or your relationship on your first business working out).

You might not build the next Google, Apple or Tesla.

But you might just end up living your dream life.

I know which one I’d rather have.

Final check this is right for you

If you’ve gotten this far – you’ll know if this is for you.

But let’s get clarity…

The AI Academy is for anyone who wants to put out value into the world and get paid for that value.

It’s perfect for aspiring and new:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Company of one builders
  • Cofounder startup
  • Creators
  • Experts
  • Coaches
  • Knowledge workers
  • And life long learners

But unlike trading your time (hours) for money like in a job. You’ll build an online business and get paid as a business owner.

A few more checks:

Before you join there are some final checks...

Sound good?


What is it worth to you?

Before I tell you the investment (which you’ll be pleased to know isn’t anywhere near the $5,000 or even $1,000 gurus charge for this knowledge).

I want give you a nudge.

A nudge to think about the cost of not knowing any of this.

If you’ve read this far you’re most likely in. You’re ready for me to download everything I know about starting an online business in the age of AI into your head. So you can become untouchable in the age of AI.

But even if you’ve decided you’re in… I still want to you feel confident about your investment.

Which is why I want you to think back for a moment:

  • when real estate investing was known did you learn how to profit from it?
  • when the internet (and all it’s magic) was known did you learn how to profit from it?
  • when mobile apps was known did you learn how to profit from it?
  • when e-commerce was known did you learn how to profit from it?
  • when bitcoin and etherium was known did you learn how to profit from it?

These all were once ‘trends’. Which became permanent wealth creating machines.

What was the cost to you of not learning about these world changing opportunities?

Now fast forward to the future…

There is is a technology called AI which was once a ‘trend’ that also become the all mighty wealth creating machine (maybe the greatest of all time).

Did you profit from it?…

…Hell yes you profited from it!

Now is the time to enrol into the AI Business Breakthrough Academy.

How to get into the AI Business Breakthrough Academy

The AI Business Breakthrough Academy works on a Waitlist system. 

This helps me ensure:

  • all new members are onboarded onto the 30-day accountability system smoothly
  • I can answer everyones personal course questions
  • I can shoot personalised micro-strategy videos

Good news : The Academy is open for enrolment.


Ready to enrol?

More courses to buy after this



✅ Complete course

✅ One time payment

✅ Not $1,200

Enrol today…

AI Business Breakthrough Academy - Full Access

Course. Accountability. Q&A. Bonuses.
$ 197 One time payment. No subscription.
  • AI Business Breakthrough Academy Course (worth $147+)
  • 30-Day Accountability System (worth $200+)
  • Course Q&A (bonus worth $250+)
  • Mobile App (bonus)
  • Digital Workbook (bonus worth $100)
  • ChatGPT Crash-Course (bonus worth $20)
  • AI Niche Navigator course (bonus worth $50)
  • Micro-Strategy Unlock x2 (bonus worth $500)
  • Lifetime Access

AI Business Breakthrough Academy - Just the Course

Only includes Course. Does not include Accountability, Q&A.
$ 147 One time payment. No subscription.
  • AI Business Breakthrough Academy Course (worth $147+)
  • Digital Workbook (bonus worth $100)
  • Mobile App (bonus)

A lot here? Damn right!

Summary of what you get for $197

I realised AI is going to wipe out jobs and entire industries.

When? It’s already started.

I closed down my business.

Had no income coming in.

I realised one of the best ways to profit in the age of AI is to build a Online Business that’s unique to you.

I used my BATON business system and AI systems to relaunch and reinvent myself.

The results?

50,000 readers, 100,000 social audience, 8x best selling books, international training requests, brand deals and a 6-figure business — in 7-months.

I can’t promise you’ll get the same results as me. But I can promise I’ll tell you exactly how I did it.

This is perfect for aspiring and existing coaches, mentors, experts, knowledge workers, service providers and business owners.

This is essential (non-negotiable) for solopreneurs, companies of one, two founder companies and product builders.

That want to replace: outbound with inbound. advertising with authenticity. sales calls with “take my money” responses.

And open themselves to the rewards the internet can provide — income, freedom of choice and options — in the age of AI.

If your long term goal is to replace your job with an AI-proof online business (before AI takes your job?) — then this is for you.

What you get when you enrol today

✓ AI Business Breakthrough Academy Course: The only AI powered online business course you’ll ever need — worth $147

✓ 30-Day Accountability System: I’ll nudge, prod and push you to get started — worth $200

Course Q&A: Normally you’ll never get to ask the course creator questions related to their course. In the academy you can! — worth $250

✓ No excuses bonus – Mobile app: Learn anywhere anytime. You just need your mobile. Ask questions directly via your app. Get responses directly via your app — free

✓ Idea log bonus – Digital workbook: Take notes, paste ChatGPT outputs and build your business plan — worth $100

✓ AI skill booster bonus – ChatGPT Crash- CourseYou won’t just get up to speed. You’ll know what the top 1% ChatGPT users know — worth $20

✓ Just start bonus – AI Niche Navigator Course: A hyper focused course designed to help you find your dream business idea — worth $50

✓ Short cut bonus – Micro strategy unlocks x 2: As you progress through the course you’ll unlock personalised video advice from me (instructions in the course) — worth $500

Total value: $1,200

That's not all. You also get my Startup Success Guarantee

Startup Success Guarantee

I will refund you every single penny you spend on the AI Business Breakthrough Academy if you don’t start your first online business business powered by AI in year 1.

I am confident of this because the AI Business Breakthrough and Academy includes step-by-step playbooks to starting a business using the power of AI.

It also includes a 30-day accountability system to help you get started.

Plus it includes course Q&A where you can ask me any nuanced question you have about the course.

So what’s the catch?

How do you qualify for our Startup Success Guarantee?

If you follow what I’ll reveal to you step by step. Respond to the 30-day accountability system. And ask questions when you need help…

Then I guarantee you’ll start your first online business using the power of AI.

I am that confident what I teach works.

But there are things that will disqualify you.

This is a two way street buddy!

These include not completing the course, not participating, not asking questions and genuinely not attempting to start your business. If that happens you’ll disqualify from our guarantee.

You’re mainly cheating yourself if this is the case.

And if working hard (but smart) to make money online turns you off then please don’t join.

But if you understand that work is required and you do all these things.

And don’t manage to start your first online business using the power of AI…

I’ll refund you every single penny you spent on your Academy enrolment.

Remember this is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes commitment to start which is why I’ve given you a generous 1-year window to dedicate to starting your business and redeem my guarantee to you.

Because I know how empowering it can be to make your own money online.

To have money drop into your bank account that you earned independently through entrepreneurship.

So I’ve included this unique guarantee to make your investment decision today easy.


You’ve made it this far. So I’ll keep my answers short and sweet. Breeze through this section and I’ll see you inside the AI Business Breakthrough Academy.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Because once you buy you’ll get instant access to everything.

As such we don’t allow joining, swiping the information and refunding. Nice try buster!

What if you don’t have a business?

I envy you. Yes I picked up 15-years of entrepreneurial experience. But i picked up scars too. Best of all you get to skip my big mistake. You get to build a business that is unique to you from day one. I envy you. Long way of saying – this is for you.

How do I make the most of my investment?

Complete the course. Do what the course says. Ask me anything -seriously.

Got any other another question?

Email us at or reply to any email I send. 

If you've made it this. What's the worse that could happen?

Created by Kyle Balmer

⭐ Co-founded Vietnam’s first private television station.
⭐ MBA from NYU Stern.
⭐ 15+ years as a serial entrepreneur.
⭐ Roles have include: Fractional CMO, director of digital marketing agency, coach, consultant.
⭐ 30,000+ people have enrolled onto his online business (and marketing) trainings.
⭐ Amazon best selling author 8+ books on AI published.
⭐ Writes 1,000+ words daily for the popular ‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ email newsletter. Read by 50,000+ entrepreneurially minded people.
⭐ Created over 30 AI business guides.
⭐ Leads community of 800+ entrepreneurs and business owners interested in AI
⭐ Combined audience size of: 110,000+
⭐ International trainer
⭐ Quoted in Forbes on multiple occasions on subject of AI

I’d like to tell you it’s always been this way.

But it hasn’t…

It’s safe to say online business and running my own ship saved my life.

15 years ago I had a total breakdown. Depression took a hold of me. My marriage collapsed and I couldn’t see a future where I’d exist.

It was a dark time.

Add to that I realised the MBA I had invested so much into was just grooming me for a corporate career.

That’s when I read the famous ‘4-hour work week’ which opened my eyes to the power of Online Business.

I applied what I learned from this book and launched my first online business!

And it worked!

This allowed me to make money globally, from anywhere in the world, with just a laptop.

After travelling and living the laptop lifestyle I moved back to my hometown of London, with a bit more travelling – because why the hell not.

Work has been building companies, buying companies, selling companies, consulting and educating – all in the realm of online business and digital marketing.

And since November 2022 — Total immersion in AI + Online Business.

AI will change everything.

So I’m all in on it.

I know what it feels like to be in a dark place. Find the light. And come out of the other side.

I hope my courses will become the catalyst that transform the trajectory of your life (in the age of AI!). Like the ‘4-hour work week’ did for me all those years ago.

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