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a Kyle Balmer Growth Guide

📈 "The Newsletter Growth Engine"

How I got paid to build my newsletter to 50,000 subscribers in 2 months (starting from zero).

Don’t just grow your email list, get paid to do it.

50% discount on first 50 pre-orders.
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I’m talking about 50,000 high quality, high value subscribers from the US/UK. With open rates of 43%.

What is the 'Newsletter Growth Engine' in a snapshot?

Learn everything you need to grow your newsletter fast (and get paid to do it) using Facebook Ads and Beehiive Boosts. 

No more grinding it out for years for a handful of subscribers, get results fast.

A unique Newsletter growth guide for creators, writers and media businesses. ​

😢 Life before the Newsletter growth engine:

😏 Life after the Newsletter growth engine:

What will you learn?

1. The game plan

A step-by-step overview of how this works. It’s easier to win the game if you’ve got a plan to follow.

2. Technical setup made easy

I’ll walk you through how to set up three key data analytics and tracking elements I focus on. Without this you won’t know what works and what doesn’t.

3. Line up your buyers

This is exactly how I get paid to grow my newsletter. I’ll even show how to find the highest bidders.

4. FB Ads 101

FB interface is a jungle. So I’ll show you exactly where I go to run ads. And avoid the shiny distractions.

5. Create ads that convert

My simple method to creating ads that work for newsletters. Including a swipe file of my best ads.

6. Testing without the lab equipment

I’ll show you the shortcut (which took me 4-months to figure out) to finding winning ads fast.

7. KPIs

Learn exactly what KPIs to focus on to create a well oiled machine. Plus I’ll give you the exact spreadsheet I use to run the maths.

8. Get Free subscribers

Analyse the data to work out your next move. I’ll share with you the only three scenarios the data will show you and what to do in each scenario.

9. Make $$$

We’ll end on everyone’s favourite topic. Make additional money by plugging no-brainer money making tactics into the Newsletter Growth Engine we’ve covered.

Who is the creator?

👋 Hi, I’m Kyle.

I’m not the biggest newsletter writer and I’m not the biggest social media personality.

But I have been in entrepreneurship for 15-years.

6-months ago I decided to start an email newsletter. It wasn’t intentional. We were about to launch a business early 2023 and a key business partner became critically ill.

So I had to do what I’ve done for 15-years in entrepreneurship…Figure it out.

The question I asked myself was – “how do I grow an email newsletter fast so I can generate revenue from it right now?”

It took longer than I wanted it to!

It took me 4-5 months of grinding, failing and testing.

Then I figured it out.

I went from around 3,000 to 50,000 subscribers in a matter of months using direct advertising.

Whilst being paid to grow my list.

Allowing for rocketing growth whilst liquidating my advertising costs.

I’ve been able to do this by paying around ~$0.5 for a subscriber.

But then immediately being paid for that subscriber.

And having struggled to get to this point I thought I’d compile what I’ve learned into an easy to follow guide.

After posting about the strategies on social media I realised other people wanted this knowledge.

In fact a lot of the reviews you’ll see on this page are in response to me sharing this strategy online.

And I haven’t even shared the details yet.

Having been there myself and seen fellow creators I know there are…

→ Amazing newsletters out there that should be writing to 50,000+ subscribers but aren’t.

→ Or breakthrough newsletters on the cusp of going big time, but have hit a growth block.

In both cases the Newsletter Growth Guide will help.

Like I said, I’m not the biggest newsletter writer.

I’m just sharing what is working for me.

But you may be thinking…

…paid subscribers aren’t as good as organic ones

Paid ads (done the right way) has built me a list of 50,000 high quality, high value subs from affluent countries like the UK and US. My newsletter also has a ~43% open rate. There are two tactics I use that achieved this that I’ll cover in the guide.

…FB ads are expensive

They are only expensive if you’re not making money. If you spent $1 on ads and made $2 back. You just created a money printing machine. I’ll show you how.

…Ads are cheating

Ads are a reliable way to get consistent subscribers (customers). Without a reliable consistent way to get customers you don’t have a business, you have a hobby. I want to show you how to build a newsletter business.

…I tried ads and lost money

Most people approach FB ads as a gamble – they give it a go and hope for the best. Instead there’s a systematic way to test with as little as $5/day and then a scaling based on data. I’ll show you how to do both.

…I’m not technical

I won’t lie, there’s some setup, but it’s one off. And I’ll go through it step-by-step and get you there.

Pre-launch offer:

👉 50% off for first 50 orders.
25% off for next 50 orders.
+ My newsletter ad swipe file!

📈 Newsletter Growth Engine

For solo-creators, creators with a team, newsletter operators and agency owners.



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Newsletter Growth Engine Strategy Call

For large newsletters and media companies that prefer to jump on a call.


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Is this course for you?

 👎 This course is NOT for you if:

👍 This course is for you if:


Why pre-orders?

Most of my time is spend writing my 1,000-2,000 word DAILY email newsletter and supporting members of AI Entrepreneur Academy.

As a newsletter writer you know how much commitment this takes.

So as a way to manage my workload – the more pre-orders I get the faster I’ll get this course out to you.

I’m about to start a newsletter, is this for me?

If you understand that this is a ‘growth guide’ and not a ‘how to start an email newsletter guide’ then yes you’ll be able to use the tactics I share for your upcoming newsletter.

Why FB Ads and not another platform?

I tested over 6 platforms, FB produced the best results. It’s what is working now.

How much FB Ad budget do I need to start?

Budget for $5/day.

When will the course be released?

The course will be released in February. And a week early for pre-order customers.

What is your refund policy on this course?

I’ll be revealing to you the secret sauce, all the ingredients of that sauce and the step-by-step recipe to cook that sauce. In other words there are no refunds because you’ll receive everything. So please kindly pay close attention to the requirement to use beehiiv Scale plan and willingness to spend on FB ads.

Why are you giving your secret away?

Answer; people are asking for consultation and for me to do it for them. I genuinely don’t have time. But I want to help. This is it.

Ready to grow your newsletter and get paid to do it?

Pre-order my Newsletter Growth Engine today and be the first to get your hands on this unique system.