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Where aspiring and established — Solopreneurs, Creators, Experts, Coaches, Professionals, and life long learners — come to forge their AI business skills.

Get AI Education. Proven Playbooks. Trusted Tools. Tested Tactics. Entrepreneurial Insights. And Kyle’s 15+ years of experience

“I’ve read Kyle’s newsletter for half a year and his content is pure value….it’s becoming my main source of content, learning and inspiration.”

Jandru Ruiz

Jandru Ruiz

Academy Member

Why join the Forge!

AI is here. The future is uncertain. 

With uncertainty comes volatility — job loss, industry collapse, business collapse.

Like a burning furnace it’s hot. The pressure is building.

Trying to stop AI is like trying to stop the eruptive power of a volcano. 

The plough could not be stopped. Electricity could not be stopped. The internet could not be stopped. 

AI won’t be stopped.

So what’s your next move?

It’s time to enter the forge. Control the heat. Handle the pressure. Turn yourself into steel.

Most importantly — Be optimistic. See the opportunity. 

With every new technological revolution — new opportunities are born. New riches are made. New wealth is created. New freedoms are forged.

For most the heat and pressure is overwhelming and overpowering.

That’s your advantage. Be the first and fastest to adapt and adopt.

Transform your skills and ability in the age of AI. Transform them in the forge.

Become a Futurepreneur.

What you get when you join today

Daily Forge Features

Premium ‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ Email Newsletter

Daily ~1000 word deep dive newsletter giving you a cutting edge AI tool, tactic or technique around an entrepreneurial theme (you won’t find these insights anywhere — not even from the biggest business ‘gurus’).

Now worth $100+ a year. I should charge more.

‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ Email Archive

Catch up if you’ve missed a day or want to follow along at your own pace (and no more searching through your inbox. Blergh).

Now worth $1000+ a year as the value stacks up

No Sponsored Ads

Anything I recommend will be because I recommend it (not because I’m paid to recommend it).

Worth $100+ wasted on AI tools that just aren’t worth it.

And what else you get when you join today

Weekly Forge Features

24-hour Playbook

Each week’s newsletter edition packaged up into a Notion Playbook fast so you can copy, keep and reference easily

Worth $20/week (we sell them individually)

And a thanks to my team that work on a Friday to get them ready for Saturday!

Kyle’s Personal Prompt Library

Every hand-crafted prompt to have ever featured in my newsletter (not a list of 100+ random ass useless ChatGPT prompts).

Every prompt is tagged, searchable and has context. 

Steal them for your own work and business).

Worth $1000s really

Email AMA

I’ll answer your burning questions about AI Entrepreneurship (sometimes all you need pointing in the right direction to save months of wandering). Reply to any email with your question and I’ll shoot a video or respond directly. 


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No sponsored ads

Reccomended only the best AI tools.

24-hour Playbook

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Kyle’s Personal Prompt Library

Searchable and tagged hand crafted prompts. 

Email AMA

Ask me a question. Get a response.

AI Business Playbook Vault

30+ playbooks + future issues free

AI Niche Navigator Course

AI process to find your dream business idea.

ChatGPT Crash-Course

Become a top 1% AI user.

50% discount code

off AI Business Breakthrough Academy flagship course

You’ll be taken to beehiiv where we host our newsletter. You’ll be asked to confirm your preferred plan.

And what else you get when you join today

One Time Forge Features

AI Business Playbook Vault

30+ AI Business Playbooks + Future playbooks for free as part of the Forge bundle! (there’s nothing like this anywhere).

Worth $310. (This is the investment that keeps on giving as you get new playbooks for free!)

AI Niche Navigator Course

No business idea? Too many business ideas? Use my AI system to find your dream niche (a perfect place to start for absolute beginners).

Worth $50.

ChatGPT Crash-Course

Learn the steps to go from beginner to top 1% user in the world (this can open doors to AI consulting, coaching and being the ‘smart one’ at work).

Worth $50.

50% off the AI Business Breakthrough Academy flagship course

When you’re ready get the exact blueprint to start a business in the age of AI (the exact same system I used to grow a 6-figure business in 7-months).

Worth $100.

Total bonus value unlocked when you join the Forge today: $500+

Harden your skills in the Forge! Reap the rewards!

Inside the forge:

Use AI to start a business (financial freedom just became possible for everyone)

Combination of my 15-years in entrepreneurship and my obsession with AI (trusted knowledge so you don’t have to hunt around)

Save thousands of $ on buying other peoples’ courses (each week is better than most ‘gurus’ courses tbh)

Complex world of AI made simple (diagrams and step-by-step walkthroughs)

Use what you need (and avoid the shiny tools they’ll try sell you)

Build your dreams in half the time (get more done in less time with the right AI systems)

Save $100s on VA and $1,000s on staff (AI that doesn’t sleep, complain or take sick days)

Ready made prompts (copy and paste, steal my best prompts to use for your own business)

Harness the almost god-like power of AI (the tech elites are already using it, now you can too)

Very low downside. Massive upside potential (starting a business today is 100x easier than when I started 15-years ago)

Step-by-step walkthroughs (I’ll personally experiment and succeed/fail. Then serve you up the good stuff).

If you’ve tried to start a business before and couldn’t get it to work — add AI to your toolkit and go again!

Ultimately everyone will take away something different from the Forge — further their career, start their dream business, finally grow business, prepare for the future, prepare their children.

The main thing is you’re in and getting ready for a world with AI.

This isn’t for everyone.

If you’re someone that can only see doom and gloom. Or you’re someone who need permission to learn a new superpower — this probably isn’t for you.

If you know you have an entrepreneurial spirit deep within you.

And can see AI has the potential to create financial freedom. 

To work on your own terms. 

With who you want. 

From where you want.

Then, yeah this is definitely for you.

The Forge is perfect for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneuers
  • Business owners
  • Team leaders
  • Creators
  • Coaches
  • Experts
  • Professionals
  • And life long learners

If you’ve got value to add to the world. This is for you.


If you’re thinking about starting a business. Just started a business. Or running a business…

You’re busy.

Learning takes time. I get that.

Because of this, most skills that are nice to have get put on the back burner (“I’ll do that later”). 

But AI + Entrepreneurship are must haves. Non-negotiable.

That’s why I’ve made this easy to consume day to day. Refer back to week to week. Or double down on month to month.

Daily emails. Easy to use Playbooks. Simple language. And reply to any of my emails for Forge support.

It’s time to enter the Forge.


How do I get access to everything after I join the Forge?

You’ll get a signpost to everything in one joining email.

Can I easily cancel?

Yes. Cancel the monthly plan easily at anytime. You can cancel the annual plan at anytime but there are no refunds. 

About Kyle Balmer

You know me by now but in case you’re new and wondering who’s the crazy person who’s obsessed with helping entrepreneurs learn about AI.

Here’s a bit about me…

Kyle Balmer is a fast growing influence in the areas of AI Entrepreneurship and Business.

His followers and readers appreciate his dedication to translating the complex world of AI into simple actionable advice without hype.

Today he writes daily on the subject of AI and entrepreneurship for 50,000+ readers and millions of viewers.

Kyle has been actively starting, growing, buying and selling businesses for 15+ years.

Most notably Vietnam’s first private TV station, helping people learn Mandarin Chinese, building a digital marketing agency, advising marketing departments and educating aspiring entrepreneurs.

Kyle supplemented this experience with an MBA from NYU Stern.

In November 2022 foresaw the significant impact AI would have on business (and society) and he pivoted his focus entirely on helping businesses and entrepreneurs adopt AI.

This includes: online trainings, 1 to 1 consultation and training/workshops for teams.

Whilst Kyle has had a natural affinity and a dedication to building businesses and educating entrepreneurs from a young age, it hasn’t always been a smooth journey.

In his early 20’s he had a total breakdown. Depression took a hold. His marriage collapsed and he couldn’t see a future where he existed.

He credits reading famous ‘4-hour work week’ (by Tim Ferriss) for showing him a path out of this dark time. The book revealed ideas he didn’t believe were possible at the time: online business, remote working and entrepreneurial freedom.

He actioned what he read in that book and has been on his own upward trajectory ever since (with the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship).

Kyle’s history and wins

  • Co-founded Vietnam’s first private television station.
  • MBA from NYU Stern.
  • 15+ years as a serial entrepreneur.
  • 26,500+ people have enrolled onto his online business (and marketing) trainings.
  • Amazon best selling author 8+ books on AI published.
  • Millions of viewers of his social media videos on how to use AI.
  • Writes 1,000+ words daily for the popular ‘Prompt Entrepreneur’ email newsletter. Read by 50,000+ entrepreneurially minded people.
  • Created over 30 AI business guides.
  • Leads community of 800+ entrepreneurs and business owners interested in AI.
  • Quoted in Forbes on multiple occasions on subject of AI most notably: one of “5 sources of AI news for entrepreneurs seeking to grow.”

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