Generate detailed buyer persona using AI

Generate detailed buyer persona using AI

Prompt = A fancy word used to describe the act of talking to an AI.

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur

Here’s a quick story…

During the pandemic we managed a company’s $1.2M advertising budget.

Let’s call them ‘Carrot Cake Inc’.

Mainly because I was given a free slice over the weekend.


The majority of this budget was spent on acquiring webinar registrations.

Whilst on paper we were generating a 4-5x ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend, ie. spend $1, make $4-5 back)…

…The company wasn’t making a profit.

What! Why?

Mind-boggling I know. Most people would bite our hand-off for that kind of ROAS.

As you can imagine there were a range of reasons why the company wasn’t generating a profit.

I’ll use these as inspiration in future issues now that we’ve got our trusted AI buddy to help us avoid similar mistakes.

This brings me to one primary reason ‘Carrot Cake Inc’ couldn’t generate a profit.

Everyone was their customer.

And, when “everyone” is your customer….

…It becomes extremely expensive to turn a prospect into a happy paying customer.

So let’s ask our AI friend how to avoid ‘Carrot Cake Inc’s’ mistake.

Over to our 🤖

It’s ambitious to think everyone will buy your product.

Not even everyone buys Coca Cola. If a company like Coke can’t manage it then no-one can.

In practice, the better you know your customer, the better you’ll know their problems and the better you’ll be able to solve them.

The benefit of approaching your business this way includes increased marketing, sales and operational efficiency.

I’ll help you tap into these benefits by getting to know your customer better by acting as your market research expert and generating a detailed buyer persona.

First you’ll need ChatGPT by Open AI.

Download mobile app or go to the web version. (Both free)

(Optional) Second check out Midjourneyor Imagine for AI Image generation. (Both have free options, no credit card needed)

Then let’s start prompting.

Copy and Paste this Prompt

Act as a market research expert. Your task is to generate a detailed buyer persona for [Business/product type].

Provide their Name, Age, Occupation, Income, Marital status, Family situation and Location in a table

Provide their psychographics in a separate table, specifically their Needs, Wants, Dreams, Fears, Lifestyle, Interests, Personality, Values, Attitudes and Social status.

Provide their shopping behaviour in a separate table, specifically Budget, Shopping Frequency, Preferred channels, Preferred Brands, Online behaviour, Search terms used

Finally summarise the persona in a short paragraph no more than 300 words. 

Personalise your Prompt

Replace [Business/product type] with your own business or product. Here I used “paintball guns”.

Prompt Output

Buyer Persona: Paintball Gun Enthusiast | Name | Age | Occupation | Income | Marital Status | Family Situation | Location | |---------|------|--------------------|----------------|----------------|------------------|--------------| | Jason | 28 | Software Engineer | $70,000/year | Single | No dependents | Los Angeles, CA| Psychographics: | Needs | Wants | Dreams | Fears | Lifestyle | Interests | Personality | Values | Attitudes | Social Status | |---------------|---------------------|-------------------|------------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------------------|---------------------|----------------------------|---------------------|------------------| | Competitive | Accuracy | Professional team | Injury or accidents | Active and adventurous| Paintball, sports, competition | Competitive, focused| Sportsmanship, teamwork | Positive and driven| Middle class | Shopping Behavior: | Budget | Shopping Frequency | Preferred Channels | Preferred Brands | Online Behavior | Search Terms Used | |------------------|--------------------|-------------------------|--------------------|------------------------------|----------------------------------| | $200 - $500 | Monthly | Online (websites) | Tippmann, Planet Eclipse | Reads reviews and comparisons | "Best paintball guns," "Top-rated paintball markers"|
Summary: Jason, a 28-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles, California, is our target buyer persona for paintball guns. He is single with no dependents and earns a comfortable income of $70,000 per year. Jason is an active and adventurous individual who loves engaging in competitive activities. He is passionate about paintball and participates in local competitions, aspiring to join a professional team someday. Jason values accuracy and sportsmanship in the game. His needs include a paintball gun that provides competitive advantage and accuracy. He wants a professional-grade marker to enhance his performance on the field. His dream is to become part of a renowned paintball team and compete at the highest level. However, he fears potential injuries or accidents during intense gameplay. Jason's lifestyle revolves around an active and adventurous routine. Apart from paintball, he enjoys other sports and competitions. His interests include paintball, sports, and the thrill of competition. He has a competitive and focused personality, driven by positive attitudes and values such as sportsmanship and teamwork. In terms of shopping behavior, Jason has a budget range of $200 to $500 for a paintball gun. He makes purchases on a monthly basis, primarily through online channels such as websites. His preferred brands are Tippmann and Planet Eclipse. Jason extensively researches paintball guns online, reading reviews and comparisons to ensure he makes an informed decision. His search terms typically include "best paintball guns" and "top-rated paintball markers." In conclusion, Jason, the paintball gun enthusiast, is an active, competitive, and driven individual. He seeks a high-performance paintball gun that offers accuracy and a competitive edge. He values sportsmanship and teamwork and dreams of joining a professional paintball team. Jason's shopping behavior involves thorough online research and purchasing from preferred brands through online channels. Understanding his needs, wants, dreams, fears, lifestyle, and shopping behavior can help businesses tailor their marketing efforts to target and engage with customers like Jason.

That’s right. AI even generated an Image of Jason.

Pro Prompts

  • Feel free to tinker with the specific details in the tables to generate more relevant information.
  • Don’t stop at one persona. Have ChatGPT generate a few to represent different potential customers for different products.
  • More of a visual person? Ask ChatGPT to generate a Midjourney prompt for you so you can create an image to match the customer persona.
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