Get Paid to Grow on X/Twitter Part 1


In this guide we’re covering a strategy that is killing it for me right now

This strat lets me:

  • add 300-800 X/Twitter followers per day
  • get 100-250 new newsletter subscriber per day
  • whilst generating $100-200 of automatic income

It’s pretty slick so I want to share the method with you.

This most powerful if you are active on X, have a newsletter and sell digital products.

However it also works without the newsletter component just fine – perfect if you want to just build on X whilst generating sales.

Over the week we’ll cover:

  • Part 1: how I get paid to grow on X
  • Part 2: start with the end in mind
  • Part 3: the irresistible give-away
  • Part 4: automation for rocket growth
  • Part 5: newsletter tie-in

We’re committing this whole Part to an overview of the process – it’s important to understand the path we’re taking before jumping into the details.

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Let’s get started:

How I get paid to grow on X

In this Part we’ll outline the process. Then we’ll start building.

It’s best we start with an example so you can following through.

Here’s one from last week:


At the time of writing this tweet has generated a few benefits.

First up it’s added ~350 new Twitter followers.

It’s also led to 81 newsletter subscribers:

(Each download here = 1 sub. Total 81 so far).

And $110.78 of revenue.

(Note, another $30 order arrived just as I’m writing this but I’m not going to keep redoing the maths!)

So, one post in summary:

  • 81 subscribe to newsletter (23%)
  • of which 4 buy (5%)
  • for $110 revenue

Also there’s no advertising behind this post – it’s pure organic reach.

And we do this every day. One post like this a day, everyday.

OK sounds good? Let’s overview the strategy and then we’ll go through step by step over the week!

Basic outline

First, from the audience member’s POV!

The first thing they see is a post like the one I’ve added above. I’d recommend heading to X to check it out fully as you’ll be able to see more of the format.

Notice the wording:

I created the ultimate free course on "How to Create Social Media Video Content with AI".

The AI frameworks inside are key to me producing 3-5 video posts daily and growing my audience faster.

Want it for free?

- Must follow
- Reply "video"

And i'll DM you a copy.

The post is a free giveaway which they can get by following (new X follower for me) and then by replying some phrase. In this case the word is “video”.

If you look at the post 350+ people have commented “video”. They want the giveaway.

Once they comment they are send a DM:

There are a couple of elements to this message.

The primary purpose of the DM is to give them the link to the freebie. That’s the first link.

If they click that link they are taken to a Gumroad Page. Here’s the link. And here’s what it looks like:

Important thing here.

Check on the right hand side – there’s a Basic version for £0 and a paid version for £10.

Most people (81 so far) go for the free version.

That delivers to the a high quality, very detailed guide that I’ve built in Notion.

At the same time they are added to my newsletter. Notice the wording is “Get theNotion guide totally free + Free Subscription to Prompt Entrepreneur”. That’s me getting permission to subscribe them.

Some people (5%) will opt for a paid version. They can either get this £10 version or (most people choice this!) a £30 version that includes a lot more. That happens through an automatic upgrade offer that they are given.

All in all – 350+ followers, 81 subscribers and $110 revenue. From a single post.

This is what we’ll be building over the next few Parts! We’ll kick off tomorrow by starting with the end in mind – working out the offer.

If you are Premium I’m going to now drop a juicy tidbit to get your creative juices going. This is the key to the best freebies I offer.

Premium Prompt – Brand Jacking

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