Get Paid to Grow on X/Twitter PART 2


Today we’re continuing our series on growing on X whilst generating cash.

I use this method daily to great effect.

Time of writing it’s at 25k views, ~150 X followers, 55 newsletter subs and $90 of revenue. Not bad for a Sunday post!

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Let’s get started:

Start with the end in mind

In the last Part we looked at the overall flow for your audience members:

  1. They see an X post with a giveaway
  2. They follow, like and comment
  3. They receive a DM with a link the freebie
  4. They claim the freebie at the link with their email address
  5. They’ll be presented a paid offer

That’s the order for them.

For you as the creator we’ll work backwards. We start with the end in mind.

First up therefore we need the paid offer.

What this is will depend entirely on your niche and business. I’ve written about working out your niche and business model elsewhere and will assume you’ve got the basics in place.

So we’ll move onto the prompt to get your offer for this DM giveaway:

Act as a marketing strategist and offer creator

My niche is [niche]
My customer main problems are [problem areas]

I want a two part offer with a free and paid tier. They will be given the free offer and once confirmed they'll be offer a paid upgrade. 

The upgrade should be a natural step up from the free version - both should solve the same problem with the paid making it easier/cheaper/faster for the customer to solve the problem .

Give me 5 potential free/paid offer combinations

The free component should be immediately valuable, easy to consume, easy to create, preferably text based. 
The paid version should build upon the free, adding supplements, guidance to make the desired outcome more attainable.

For this example I’ll use:

My niche is helping people grow their newsletters 
My customer main problems are i) unsure of best growth channels ii) chasing too many options for growth

ChatGPT will generate 5 ideas for you. Here’s the first for my example:

See how ChatGPT has combined a free offer with a paid upgrade – making sure to lead from free to paid naturally. That’s what we need for this DM giveaway strategy.

In the next Part we’ll look at the lead magnet and setting everything up. Right now though focus on putting together an offer package. I’ve done other Playbooks on creating:

  • freelance offers
  • service offers
  • digital products
  • courses
  • kindle books

and honestly others that I can’t remember. 😅 

Depending on what your particular offer is (which depends on your niche and business, there’s no one size fits all!) how you build will be different.

What we do want to be the same is our delivery mechanism – I recommend Gumroad for this. You can deploy pretty much any type of offer on Gumroad:

It’s free to use but they take a % of your sale. For starting out though it’s perfectly fine. Once you are pulling in significant revenue you can switch.

It’s also great for free giveaways because Gumroad takes a % of $0 which is… $0. Here’s my activity on freebies just this morning using this free setup:

The “Digital Product” type in Gumroad covers a lot of ground. This is what I personally use for most of my products.

All my giveaways are Notion documents personally. But if you want to embed videos (for a video course), upload PDFs or even link a Calendly schedule for service that’s all doable within Gumroad.

The main thing is that you have an up-sale that is linked to your freebie which is linked to your DM giveaway.

The up-sale is what we use to generate revenue at the same time as growing so having it fully aligned and ready to go with the rest of the giveaway is important.

Premium Prompt – Existing Offer

If you are already in business and want to apply the DM Giveaway strategy then we can use an existing offer.

Here’s the prompt….

2024 is the year of AI…

If you want to be smarter than your colleagues, competition and cat

And be in the top 5% of competent AI users.

Then consider becoming a VIP Reader.

For just $5 you’ll get a:

  • VIP reader experience
  • End of week summary Notion document
  • No sponsored ads
  • Prompt library
  • Daily advance prompts
  • Hard earned entrepreneurial tactics

It takes less than 1-minute to join…

And you can try it out free for 7-days.

Upgrade to VIP Access

Pulling it together

Next up we’ll create our freebie and start hooking up the mechanisms required to get the machinery humming.

Here’s a reminder of what we’re covering this week:

  • Part 1: how I get paid to grow on X
  • Part 2: start with the end in mind
  • Part 3: the irresistible give-away
  • Part 4: automation for rocket growth
  • Part 5: newsletter tie-in

Until then, keep PROMPTING!


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