Get Paid to Grow on X/Twitter PART 4


Today we switch on our DM giveaway and start growing our X following and generating cash.

We’ll cover:

  • writing killer X posts for your giveaways
  • your DM giveaway message
  • automation tools to put everything on autopilot

Today’s issue is brought you by

Hypefury is the X Scheduling and DM Giveaway tool that I personally use to run this strategy. I highly recommend it if you are serious about growing on X.

Let’s get started:

Automation for rocket growth

The mechanics of a DM giveaway are as follows:

  • someone sees your X post where you offer a freebie
  • they follow and leave a comment
  • you send them a DM with a link to the freebie

First up the X post. Here’s a recent example from my timeline:

There are a handful of elements here:

  • hook + instructions
  • image

First up the text (hook and instructions).

Here’s a prompt we can use to generate text variations:

Act as a social media manager

I am giving away a freebie via DM giveaway

The freebie is [details of the freebie]

Use the details to create a giveaway post that follows this structure:

#Structure begins#

1. Single Hook sentence based on details of freebie. Include what it is and why they need it now.
2. Instructions on how to claim. Include the following:
Want a copy?
-Comment "xxx" where xxx is a short word related to the freebie
3. Close: "And I'll DM you the guide. Must be following to receive DM." Verbatim.

For this example I used a free email course freebie. The prompt generated this giveaway text:

I’d recommend producing a handful of posts and testing them ALL out. See what resonates.

Having multiple texts also allows you to run the same giveaway multiple times without posting the same thing again and again.

Next we need an image.

The images I use follow a template:

Because I have multiple giveaways I use this template and switch out the specific details.

We’ve tested a whole bunch of different images and these detailed “what’s included “ templates beat all the other images hands down.

I’d recommend testing out something similar to these. Obviously the specific image depends on what you are giving away and your brand!

Also look at what other people in your particular niche are doing for best practices.

How to find similar posts in your niche? First just pay attention and make sure to bookmark any you see! Once you know this tactic you’ll start seeing lots of examples out in the wild.

If you need to proactively search I recommend using the (free) Tweet Hunter X Chrome extension and searching “must be following”. This is common language in DM giveaways and will help you find examples easily.

Thank you message

Once someone comments on your post you need to DM them.

You can do this manually but this will be a problem once you are at scale! It takes too much time. I’ll talk about automation shortly.

Here’s the DM text I use:

It’s very basic – a quick call to action and the link.

The link, you’ll notice, is the Gumroad page. This means people need to go to the Gumroad page and give their email in order to get the freebie.

You can send a direct link to the freebie (ie. a Notion document) without Gumroad if you want. That way you still grow your X following. But you’ll miss out on i) email collection and ii) upsale potential.

Time to Automate

Sending out DMs manually is very time consuming. Sure, it’s mainly just copy/pasting the same message to lots of people but if you need to do 200+ a day you’ll get very bored very quickly!

There are a few tools out there that can do the DM giveaways for you.

The big three for X are:

  • Hypefury
  • Tweethunter
  • Typefully

I am personally using Hypefury at the moment. Here’s my affil link if want to sign up whilst helping me. Otherwise Google it and it’ll pop up.

Hypefury – Schedule & Automate Social Media Marketing

Save time on social media while creating more value, and growing your audience faster. Schedule & automate your social media experience!

All three tools have pros and cons. I recommend trying them all on free trials and seeing which works for you.

All 3 do DM Giveaways – I won’t go into details here about how to set them up because each tool is different. There will be guides.

Rest assured you’ve done all the hard work already – now you you just load everything up into the DM Giveaway tool and let it do its job.

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Pulling it together

If you’ve got to this stage you now have everything in place to:

  • grow your X following
  • collect emails
  • and make sales

All at the same time using DM Giveaways.

In the final Part we’ll tie up some loose ends and look at how to scale.

Here’s a reminder of what we’re covering this week:

  • Part 1: how I get paid to grow on X
  • Part 2: start with the end in mind
  • Part 3: the irresistible give-away
  • Part 4: automation for rocket growth
  • Part 5: newsletter tie-in

Until then, keep PROMPTING!


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