Get Paid to Grow on X/Twitter PART 5


We’ve covered the basics of the powerful DM giveaway strategy over the last 4 Parts.

Today we tie it all together and look at how to scale.

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Let’s get started:

Newsletter tie-in

Right now we have it set up so that our lead needs to give their email address in order to get their freebie.

You can send emails from Gumroad but it’s a little inefficient.

What I personally do is hook Gumroad to beehiiv, my newsletter software.

This allows the triple dip:

  • X follower growth
  • revenue from upsell
  • email captured as a newsletter subscriber

To get this set up we need a little extra work. Let’s get to it.

First up we need to make sure that signups know they are getting added to a newsletter! We need their permission.

I do this by adjusting the Gumroad so that it explicitly states this. You’ll see I have this in two places:

We need wording like this so that people know they are being added to a newsletter.

I do this in two places. First up add it in your product description in Summary:

Second add the text in Description under Product > Versions:

Once we’ve adjusted the product details to make sure that people know they are getting added to a newsletter we need to set up the link.

I personally use beehiiv for my newsletter but this method (Zapier) will work with all major newsletter tools.

We connect Gumroad to beehiiv using Zapier:

Alternatively Pabbly is a lowest cost option that will get the job done.

For Zapier here is the template – link.

You’ll need to log into both your Gumroad account and your beehiiv account.

In the trigger (Gumroad) set the event to Sale and filter to which products you want to cause this trigger.

For the action (beehiiv) set the event to Create a Subscriber and choose the correct publication (if you have multiple) and other details.

Once set up all your Gumroad leads will automatically be piped over to your beehiiv newsletter.

That closes out the loop and removes any manual work required.

Now your job is one thing: keep dropping banger lead magnets.

Once the backend systems are in place you can repeat this method again and again and again. I’m currently at 25 lead magnets and giveaways – adding one additional each week.

Aim to also generate lots of variations – all hitting different customer pain point and problem areas.

Premium Prompt – Other Platforms

Got this up and running and working on X? Beautiful.

You’ve done all the hard work. Now you can expand out the reach of your efforts using other social media platforms…

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Pulling it together

Over this week I’ve give you a powerful strategy for triple dipping:

  • grow your X following
  • gain email subscribers
  • generate revenue

All with one strat. Pretty sweet.

Here’s a reminder of what we covered this week:

  • Part 1: how I get paid to grow on X
  • Part 2: start with the end in mind
  • Part 3: the irresistible give-away
  • Part 4: automation for rocket growth
  • Part 5: newsletter tie-in

Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the summarised version of all of this for your convenience.

Until then, keep PROMPTING!


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