Getting Started using AI in Business PART 5


This is the really exciting stuff.

Imagine you’ve built up a prompt that’s so good it saves you hours every week. Hell, maybe it even saved you from having to hire a freelancer.

Let’s say you’ve built a great blog writing prompt that knocks it out of the park every time.

You can now spin all that work into a fully fledged application.

Either for deployment in your business (as your IP, a massively valuable business asset) or even as an app you sell to others.

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Let’s get started:

Building AI Apps

We’re moving to the 4th level of AI today: building your own App.

Again it’s important you don’t just try to build any old app. Going through all the previous stages and refining your prompts means that at this point you should have some really good foundational prompts written.

The good news?

These prompts can become the basis of your very own App, driven by AI.

How to get started with AI app development

Important note here – you do not need to be a coder to build an AI app.

But I’m not going to start telling you that coding is dead. It’s not.

Does coding help you build an app? Absolutely!

And would your app be higher quality and value if you have coding skills? Very likely!

But coding is not a requirement anymore.

This puts us in a great position where as a non-coder we can put together a basic version of an app and then, if it’s worthwhile, either learn the skill required to develop it further or hire a developer.

The really hard part – working out if its valuable or not – will have already been done.

Even a non-coder can get started on the process of building.

Specifically by using a “no-code” tool. Clever name huh?

The no-code tool I personally recommend is (not affiliate).

At the time of writing you can get a free account. It will try to upgrade you to the paid account (with a free trial) but ignore that and you’ll still have a free account to try out. You cannot deploy anything with a free account but it’s sufficient to play around with.

Bubble is no-code in that it allows you to build apps without needing to learn how to programme.

You basically drag and drop visual elements into place and then drag and drop “logic” behind each element. For example “if this is clicked then do such and such”.

That’s oversimplifying. But…not by much! That’s joy of no-code.

Learning Bubble

Despite not needing to learn how to code you will need to learn the basics of using Bubble.

For someone tech savvy this can be done in a couple of hours.

I’d recommend these resources:

  1. Bubble’s walkthroughs.
  2. Dan Kulkov’s AI Wrapper in 5 Days course
  3. NoCode MBA

Any one of these will give you more than enough of a foundation to build your prompt out into a full app.

AI Wrappers

Specifically you’ll be building something called an AI wrapper. 

In short an AI wrapper is some prompts wrapped up in a nice looking package.

You may have heard some criticism of AI wrappers – basically what’s the point of wrappers when people could just go to ChatGPT, write their own prompts and do the same thing?

The easy answer for that is that most people out there won’t think to do so!

And even if they do they won’t necessarily have the well polished battle-tested prompt that you do.

This means that wrappers are still very powerful. They make your prompts easy to use by anyone.

Because of this once you’ve built an app you could look at making it public.

There are two main plays here:

  1. Make it free and use it to collect emails
  2. Make it paid and use it to generate revenue

We’ll look at the first because it’s a fascinating marketing tool. Here is an avatar generator that Dan Kulkov made:

Here’s a link to the live version. I recommend you try it to see results yourself. It’s free.

I plugged in Prompt Entrepreneur as the business and for the target audience put “entrepreneurs who want to use AI to start a business”.

The tool returns:

It gives a customer persona on the left and on the right some more details – a couple pages worth.

Then at the bottom:

A gated section to get access to additional ideas! The visitors need to drop their email to get access.

Genius. Absolute genius.

It’s a killer lead magnet.

All powered by an AI prompt or two behind the scenes.

Could someone go and make their own customer persona prompt? Yes.

Could they make it as good as Dan’s? Given enough time sure!

But this free tool does all the work for them and saves them huge amounts of time. All it asks for in return is an email.

Have a think about which of your prompts would be of interest to your market. Could any of them be turned into lead gen wrappers?

Premium Prompt – Lead Gen Wrapper Idea Generator

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