Getting Started with Short Form Video PART 2


I’m going to give you the exact format for your videos to get started.

We’re not going to waste time on multiple formats – I don’t want to give you an excuse not to get started! Instead we’ll stay laser focused, get you started and then you can get all fancy.

Done is better than perfect.

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Let’s get started:

Format Focus

Hopefully from the last Part you are now following quality short form video accounts on various social media platforms.

This should give you ideas about what sort of videos they put out.

Amongst the more professional / business related niches it’ll often be news or industry update related.

“Here’s the new AI model and why you should be interested for your business”.

“Sam Altman ousted from OpenAI – what does this mean for the industry?”

As an expert in your particular niche this is the sort of content I recommend you start with.

Why? Simply because we can use a technique called “news jacking” to rapidly get attention and grow our reach.

If something is already in the news or of interest you simply need to, as an expert, relay the information and give your take.

This works well because it’s already a topic of interest. There are likely lots of news pieces, blog articles, newsletter issues and social media posts about this topic already.

You are just using a powerful tool (short form video) to bring audiences this similar content in a more digestible format.

Think of it this way. People in your niche can keep up to date with what’s going on by reading articles, subscribing to newsletters or listening to podcasts. But this all takes time.

You are jumping in and providing a service by giving them the skinny.

You’re like the friend who has all the gossip and can condense it.

“Did you hear about Sam Altman getting kicked from OpenAI? No!? OK here’s what happened and why it’s important”.

I recommend you start with this news jacking format first. You can expand from here later once you become comfortable and get some traction.

But rather than me give you 10 formats to try out we’re going to keep it simple and start here.

Let’s look at how we produce a script:

Act as a scriptwriter. 

Prepare a [15 second] video script that follows this structure. 

Compelling hook to capture attention
Outline of the issue
Hot take

The video will consist of a talking head (me) and a background showing an article or similar news source. 

No image / overlays are needed. Only the text script.

The source is as follows:

[copy/paste news source]

For my example I’ll give ChatGPT an article about the recent AI generated phone call replicating Joe Biden telling people not to vote in the upcoming US election.

Here’s the output once I feed in the article:

Seems short right?

This is a script for a 15 second video.

15 seconds is NOT a long time – you’ll see this when you start to record.

You can adjust the script to go longer if you want. For instance here is is at 30 seconds:

Not bad! The exact length will depend on i) your delivery and more importantly ii) what audiences respond to! We’ll get to this.

Test this prompt out on some news articles or updates in your particular niche to see the results.

Get a few ready as we’ll be shooting video soon.

Premium Prompt – Tone shift

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