Newsletter Growth Masterplan PART 4


In this Part I’ll show you how I boosted this newsletter to 50,000+ subscribers.

Using paid advertising.

Getting paid back immediately plus a little profit.

Which basically allows me to scale my newsletter for free.

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Let’s get started:

Get Paid To Advertise

I talked about this strategy in an X thread a few weeks ago. Here it is if you missed it:

Imagine you could generate limitless subscriber traffic.

And get paid back for each new subscriber you get. Hella powerful.

The basic set up is this:

  • beehiiv Boosts
  • low cost Facebook advertising.

What are beehiiv Boosts?

beehiiv Boosts is a super powerful feature if you run your newsletter using beehiiv.

Basically every time someone signs up for my newsletter they get a “hey I think you’d also be interested in these newsletters” widget.

If they also subscribe to the suggested newsletters I get paid.

Per newsletter they sign up to around $1.5-2.0.

And 5 are shown – meaning a potential ~$10.

This is shown to all the people joining my list.

I get a couple hundred sign ups per day – so those ~200 subs means a revenue potential of $2000/day.

Do they all sign up? No. Do all the signups get verified? No.

But it doesn’t matter – the revenue from these sign ups is sufficient to cover or exceed the second component: my low cost Facebook Advertising.

Note: don’t use beehiiv? You can do this with Sparkloop Upscribe instead.

Facebook advertising for newsletters

Next to the DM Giveaway strategy I covered in the last Part paid advertising is my largest growth channel.

I pay around £0.45 for a subscriber from the US, UK or Europe.

They have an average 43% open rate. And are a purchasing audience.

I tested 6+ platforms and hundreds of campaign types and found this works the best. These bullet points right here are worth thousands if you apply it:

  • Meta (FB/IG ads) beats out other channels
  • Campaign type = Subscribe (set up custom conversions in beehiiv)
  • Straight to beehiiv custom subscribe page
  • Creative = pattern breaks like Apple Notes, mock up SMS conversations. Super simple images, no video.
  • Call to action = subscribe. No lead magnets.

Your exact paid ad strategy will depend on your niche but this has worked wonders for me and others I’ve showed it to. Those who implemented it!

The exact ads are less important than the wider set up.

The whole goal here is to put in $1 in advertising and get out $1 in boost revenue. Do that and you’ve unlocked limitless growth for the newsletter.

Then any revenue you generate off the back of the newsletter is pure profit – your acquisition costs have been liquidated already by boosts. That’s the play.

Next steps

Get on beehiiv if you aren’t already.

It’s free up until 2500 subscribers and they’ve (this week) introduced guaranteed ad placements on paid plans. Very cool. This is my referral link. Or Google beehiiv and it’ll pop up.

You can likely do this without beehiiv – just use Sparkloop Upscribe instead. But I don’t have experience of this so can’t promise it works!

I can give full ads advice and strategy to paid members of my community only (time limitations sorry!) but feel free to drop in your ad creative for suggestions over in the free community space. Comment on this Part’s post for ease please.

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