Personal Branding in the Age of AI PART 2


In this section we’ll look at carving out your space online and where your personal brand sits.

Good news: you have the most powerful asset already. Yourself.

We’ll run through capturing how to translate yourself into a personal brand.

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Let’s get started:

Harness your individuality

You already have the greatest asset your need for your personal brand: yourself!

In this Part we are just going to refine and codify your brand by using a coaching prompt.

We’ll end up with three main components:

  • core messages
  • character flaw
  • what you stand for

Core messages

Your core messages are going to be the 3 main things you talk about. They will become your “content pillars” later on – core topics that you will base your content on.

They do not all need to be in the same area. Instead this is where we bring in the fact that we are humans with varied interests.

It’s our diversity of interests thats makes us…well…interesting. Be interested to be interesting.

If we talk only about one topic all the time we end up very flat. Sounding like a corporate spokesperson rather than a human!

Ever felt LinkedIn is a bit dull? This is why. People show one face only on LinkedIn. And it tends to be the boring professional face! Yawn.

Instead we’ll have 3 core messages to give more variety. Mine for example are AI, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development.

If it was just AI it’s very flat. But by combining with other areas we have a wider base to build our personal brand from.

Character Flaw

Next up is our character flaw.

Wait what?? Why are we talking about this?

This is the key to making you an attractive character online. It’s about showing you are a human being, not just a brand.

All the best heroes from film and literature have a flaw. That’s what makes them likeable. As humans we don’t like perfect robots.

FYI: This is especially important as AI influencers become the norm.

Also people aren’t interested in your success right now. They are interested in how you got there. And therefore how they can get there.

So we need to talk about our struggles and flaws to really connect.

What you’re for and against

Finally we need to define what you stand for and, more importantly, against.

Burr, the revolution’s imminent, what do you stall for?
If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?


We need to define our allies and enemies.

Being milquetoast and agreeing with everything is not an attractive personal brand. There needs to be an enemy.

Don’t worry – I’m not telling you to personally attack people! Instead our enemy will be a concept, idea or axiom that people take for granted but we abhor.

Ok – let’s roll with a prompt that’ll help us define all of the above!

It’s a coaching prompt so load it into ChatGPT and then answer all the questions it throws at you. The more information and context you give the better.

Act as a personal branding expert

Help me identify my 3 content messages, "flaw" and what I stand for and against. 

Each message should be a short word/phrase like holistic health, money, entrepreneurship. 

Inquire into the following areas one at a time. Await my response then move to the next. Collect all the information before processing results. 

1. what is your business niche? 
2. who does your business help?
3. how do you help people differently to your competitors?
4. what topics excite you? what sort of news do you keep up with because you enjoy it?  
5. what have you have to overcome to get to where you are? 
6. how did you overcome this block? What got you to where you are now?

Use this information to determine my 3 core messages.
And what is the "flaw" that I overcame
What do I stand for and against- create a polarity. 

Run through the coaching process with ChatGPT until the end. Then it’ll return your results, starting with your core messages:

Followed by your “flaw”:

And finally what you stand for and against:

As always use this only as a jumping off point

The great thing about having a first draft is that it is a lot easier to correct and edit than it is to create from scratch.

This is particularly the case when writing about ourselves! Hence the use of the coaching prompt to elicit the details from you. It’s easy to answer these questions.

Premium Prompt – You are the one and only 

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