Personal Branding in the Age of AI PART 4


People are lazy and fickle.

They don’t have time for you.

It’s not their fault – everyone has such busy lives and so many things to worry about. It’s natural.

Their time is short and their attention is shorter.

This means that we need to immediately be recognisable.

In this Part we look at how we immediately capture attention.

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Let’s get started:

Identity Crisis

When someone is scrolling through social media they move fast.

The average person scrolls 300 feet / 90 meters a day. Poor thumb.

This means that we need to immediately stop the scroll if we stand any chance of capturing their attention.

Once someone knows us (they’ve seen some videos and maybe followed us) we need to consistently be able to capture that attention.

For this we need some visual branding. This is a massive topic that could take all week. So we’ll keep it high level for now.

Let’s cover a few elements:

  • video format
  • visual “hook”
  • design elements

Once you find a video format that seems to be working: stick to it.

For example if you do talking head videos, stay consistent.

Here’s a example from Brand Nat:

Same angle, same composition. Immediately if one of these videos appears in feed her viewers can recognise it.

If the videos didn’t show Nat for a few seconds and instead started with random imagery then the audience would need to hang around to see whose video they were watching. Unlikely!

Instead make it as easy as possible for your audience to recognise your work and know they need to stay tuned.

Visual “hook”

It’s helpful to have some sort of visually arresting feature.

Mine, apparently, is my eyebrows. 🤨


But also useful! Having something visually arresting is helpful.

Even if someone doesn’t know my name I can be “that AI guy with the eyebrows”.

Alex Hormozi – “strong guy with moustache and cap”.

Tai Lopez – “dude with the books and lambo”

Tony Robbins – “big man with shiny teeth”.

You visual hook can be something you wear, a tattoo, makeup, jewellery… it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s i) visible and ii) consistent.

Find something and stick to it.

Design elements

Choose and maintain consistent design elements across your platforms. This includes things like logo, colours, fonts, graphical elements.

Start with your basic colour scheme.

Alex Northstar does a great job of this on AI Twitter with his consistent gold/black branding. I personally use purple. 🟣 

From your colour choices develop your logo and graphic design elements.

At Prompt Entrepreneur we made a conscious decision to use hand-drawn graphics as part of our brand because we find people are very receptive to them – it’s like I’m sketching out ideas for you in an casual meeting.

Make sure that you have all your visual elements collated somewhere so you can consistently apply them.

If you have team members or staff it’s worth putting together a set of brand guidelines.

This sounds fancy but it’s basically a PDF with all the details about your colours, fonts and acceptable/unacceptable design elements. Mainly so you aren’t always having to tell people “no, not that purple”.

Once you’ve made these decisions apply them as much as possible wherever you can. This reinforces the brand subconsciously for your audience members.

Consistency and repetition is key.

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