Personal Productivity with AI PART 2


In the last Part we started off by working out what is actually important to us.

Today we start to convert what we value into specific goals.

Remember our basic flow?:

Value → Goals → Projects → Tasks

Today we’re covering Goals.

Productive Goal Setting

Let’s get cracking with a prompt that we’ll use below our previous work:

Act as a goal setting coach 

Review my list of values and for each ask me for 3 goals that I want to achieve in the following year. 

Ask about one value area at a time, collect the 3 goals, make suggestions according to SMART framework, confirm my goals then move to next value area.

Then generate a table with all the areas, goals and SMART details in columns. 

This prompt will walk you through a coaching process where you need to think about your own goals.

ChatGPT will elicit answers and then make suggestions to make the goal SMART (ie. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound):

It’ll work through each of your value areas going from most to least important.

It will then generate a table of all the goals:

It’s best to copy/paste this out to Google Sheets or a similar spreadsheet tool as it’s hard to see it all in ChatGPT!

Once you have all the areas of your life and the annual goals set against them we want to manually edit.

Anything look out of place in that table? Edit it or straight up delete it. No problem. These are your goals, not ChatGPTs!

It’s easier to do this once you have it all in a table in front of you.

Keep a hold of this big ol’ table as we’re going to be using it tomorrow as the basis of an annual, quarterly and weekly project plans.

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