Personal Productivity with AI PART 3


In the last Part we converted our values into annual goals.

Annual goals are a good start but most people will leave their annual goals until the end of the year and then either:

  1. Try to sprint them out in the last few months of the year or
  2. Forget about them

Instead we need BIG annual goals to be split up into smaller components.

Remember our basic flow?:

Value → Goals → Projects → Tasks

We’re converting each major annual goal into a project and carving each project into smaller, actionable, steps.

Breaking down the year

Use this prompt below your others from the work so far:

Act as a goal setting coach

Analyse my annual goals 

Break each goal into quarterly, monthly and weekly actions so that by the end of the year each goal is complete.

The weekly actions should match add up to equal the monthly action. The weekly actions will be a mix of continuous actions done all year and progressive actions that change over the year. 
The monthly actions should add up to match the quarterly action.

Provide a 12 month plan for each annual goal.

This will break your larger goal into smaller chunks – subgoals to be performed across the year.

As always give it amendments. For example in the output above it assumes I want to live abroad for 2 moths during Q3. But maybe I want to move that forward to April. I’d have to tell ChatGPT this extra context so that it can adjust accordingly.

Do this will all of your goals until you are happy with the basic shape.

Then use this follow up prompt

Give me a calendar with all goals on a weekly basis for 52 weeks

Use format
Week 1 (Month 1 1-7)
Goal 1 subgoals
Goal 2 subgoals
Goal 3 subgoals

Week 2 (Month 1 8-14)
Goal 1 subgoals

Starting January 2024

This will now take all your previous work and generate an extremely detailed 52 week plan.

Each time the prompt stops use “continue, referring to above 12 month plan” to generate more weeks.

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