Plan a productive day using AI

Plan a productive day using AI

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

I remember when I left my career to pursue entrepreneurship full-time…

I was juggling a handful of ideas and income-producing businesses.

Cool right?

Not really.

Because every day felt frantic.

And some days I felt like I’d achieved nothing.

So I hired a coach.

The first thing that the coach got me to do was a time management exercise.

From that day on, my goal was to have a personal assistant that planned my days according to my time management protocol.

I just didn’t think that personal assistant would be an AI…

Over to our 🤖

“I will happily take on the role of becoming your personal asisstant.

But I need to understant what is important to you.

This way I can develop a day plan based on your criteria.

First you’ll need ChatGPT.

Download mobile app or go to the web version.

Then let’s start prompting”.

Copy and Paste this Prompt 📑

Act as my personal assistant and help me plan my day. 

I will provide you with an unsorted list of tasks, the provided order is irrelevant. 

Ask me questions about the priority, time to complete and location where task must be completed (ie. home, at computer, commuting) for each task then compile my perfect day plan. 

Remember to add in time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and breaks. 

If it is unfeasible to fit all the tasks into one day inform me of this and help me decide which to move to another day. 

First ask for my task list, then begin to ask questions until you have sufficient information to build my day planner. 

Return the final result in a tabular format, one column for time, one for task, one for location. 

Personalise your Prompt ✍️

  • Use this prompt first and ChatGPT will ask for a list of your Todos. Give it as much detail as possible. If you miss any you can ask ChatGPT to add them in after.
  • ChatGPT will then ask a series of questions to work out the best way to set up your schedule.
  • ChatGPT will give you a first draft of the schedule. Remember that sometimes ChatGPT will forget that some things are SUPER important – like picking your kids up at a particular time from school is not negotiable. If it makes any errors, just tell it what it did wrong and it’ll redo the schedule.

Prompt Output 💬

| Time | Task | Location | |-------|-----------------------------|---------------------| | 8:00 | Gym | Gym (15 minutes) | | 9:15 | Breakfast | Home | | 9:45 | Deep work on new project | Coworking space | | 12:45 | Lunch Break | Coworking space | | 1:45 | Respond to emails | Coworking space | | 2:45 | Write a blog post | Home or Coworking space | | 3:45 | Pick up kids from school | School (60 minutes) | | 4:45 | Haircut | Salon/Barber (20 minutes) | I've allocated one hour for picking up your kids from school to allow sufficient time. Please note that the rest of the schedule may be adjusted depending on the specific time required for each task. If you have any further adjustments or preferences, feel free to let me know.

Pro Prompts ⭐️

  • You can also use this prompt on a weekly basis. Just change the word day to week in the prompt and make sure to give it your week’s task.
  • ChatGPT can also prepare a file for you to import into your calendar. Just ask for an importable file for your particular calendar software as well as instructions about how to add it. Obviously this is more useful if you are doing weekly schedules as importing a single day is not really time efficient. This example shows an Outlook file:
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