Q&A Content Marketing PART 4


Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

Now that we’ve started recording answers to our customer’s burning questions we’re going to get smart.

Once answered we want our knowledge to be available in as many places as possible, in as many formats as possible.

Let’s repurpose.

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Let’s get started:

RIP Yahoo Answers

If we’ve spent time making a video we want to make sure it’s seen everywhere.

Let’s look at both:

  • video repurposing
  • text repurposing

Video First

You now have a video sitting on Tiktok or Instagram.

Great! First step is done and value delivered.

But we can immediately increase the value of that video by getting it onto other platforms.

Specifically these platforms work for short video:

  • Youtube Shorts
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • X/Twitter

Short video is King on all these platforms and you’ll be rewarded by the algorithm for posting there.

There are two basics ways to do this: manual and automatic.

For manual here are the basic steps:

  1. Download the original video without the water mark. For Tiktok use something like this. If you are using a different platform Google “download platformName video no watermark” and you’ll get loads of tools.
  2. Copy the caption out of your original video.
  3. Go to each platform, reupload the video and paste in the caption.

This can be done quickly once you’ve got into the rhythm of it. But it’s still quite time consuming especially if you shoot a lot of videos.

I personally shoot 3-6 videos per day everyday and doing this manually was wasting time I could use better elsewhere.

Because of this I switched to an automatic method.


I personally use repurpose.io (affil link) which does exactly this automatically and without any fuss.

Basically you connect up all your platforms and then set up workflows.

Above you’ll see my workflows are from Tiktok to all the other channels. You’ll change it to whatever your primary platform is.

One additional tip – make sure to use repurpose.io’s feature to strip hashtags out of posts going to X. Hashtags don’t work on X so remove them! Check the settings of each workflow for more tweaks like this.

Text repurposing

Each of your videos is also a powerful SEO asset.

Because you’ve talked about a subject using your expertise it’s valuable information.

We can extract the audio from a video and convert it into text to build a blog article from it.

I personally use the Captions app (on phones) to extract the transcript from my videos. You can also check out Descript and Otter.ai as alternatives.

Or, once uploaded to Youtube you can download the auto generated captions.

Once you have the transcript we’ll use this prompt:

Act as an SEO writer

Prepare a blog article based on the video transcript I'll provide. 

Do not reference the speaker or the question asker. 

Extract the main topic of the transcript and use this to generate video titles x 5

Identify a keyword and optimise for it. Give me the keyword. 

Use the tone of voice in the video but adapted from spoken to written language. 

[copy/paste transcript]

To show you how this works here’s an entire transcript from one of my videos.

Here’s the video:


And the entire transcript:

How can you make faceless videos using AI? Right now, there's a trend where you can use AI to both script and create video content for YouTube shorts, for TikTok, for Instagram reels, and you can get them out and start to rank them and make quite a lot of money through this exposure by building up an audience and getting revenue options from these platforms. So there's a huge amount of interest in using AI video in order to generate faceless videos that can rank and make cash. I understand the impulse here. I absolutely do. So making videos is hard and I get it. So just today, five people have messaged me, DMed me and said, how can I make faceless videos? What is the best AI for this? And here's my answer. Do not do this. This is not going to be sustainable. The reason for this is the tools are now making it too easy, too cheap and too effective to make these videos. So what's going to happen is we're going to have lots of people rushing into the marketplace. We're going to have people who are selling courses, teaching you how to do this, probably they already are. And we're going to have an oversupply of these faceless videos. At the same time, we're going to have a relatively set demand on YouTube, on Instagram, on TikTok. The people watching these videos is going to remain relatively the same, but we're going to have more and more people supplying that demand. And when supply outstrips demand, we see value fall. This is going to be reinforced by the fact that YouTube and Instagram and TikTok are not going to want to push these types of videos. They're going to devalue them in the algorithm and these types of video will start to do less well in the future. Right now, absolutely some of them will work, most of them will not, but this is going to become harder and harder to do because there's not much actual value added in these videos. So even now, TikTok is starting to deprioritize these videos and you're seeing them less and less. And what you're starting to see more is talking heads, it's people speaking to camera like this for over a minute. And that's what TikTok is prioritizing right now. They know how to see this content and they know how to prioritize that. So what I'm saying is, yeah, you could chase the faceless AI trend and you could probably make some money and I'm sure you could do quite well doing it right now. It's not going to be a sustainable business though. And if you want to build a business on top of your content, then this is not a technique that I recommend you following. Instead, I suggest you swim upstream. You do what other people are not doing. You do what's difficult because that's going to be what's valued, especially as AI tools become more and more readily available. It's going to become so easy to generate video. That authenticity, speaking to camera like this, a wobbly camera, just, you know, sitting on my sofa, this kind of stuff is going to become more valued than flash faceless videos. It's harder for you to do, yes, but it's going to have a higher value as AI takes over. So follow the harder route, even though it's going to be more difficult because it's going to have a more sustainable benefit for you in the future. This is why I'm not going to give any recommendations about how to create faceless AI. Sorry. Anyway, you can Google it. So go and do that.

And finally the blog article:

As always work with this as a first draft!

But you’ll notice that the quality is much better than if I had just asked ChatGPT blind for a blog article about this topic. This is because ChatGPT is repurposing from existing content rather than scratch.

Use these blog articles on your blog for Google juice to open up a new traffic source!

Premium Prompt – YouTube, Google 1-2 punch

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