Q&A Content Marketing PART 5


Once started you’ll see the power of answering customer questions.

It takes some to get the flywheel spinning – over the last Parts I’ve showed you how.

Once it’s spinning it’s important to keep it rolling. In this Part I’ll show you how.

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Let’s get started:

Q&A Ouroboros

In an earlier Part we used Answer the Public to kickstart this process.

This was a bit of a cheat. Because they aren’t questions from our customers.

Once we’re up and running though we want to start sourcing from our actual customers as much as possible.

Let’s look at a few methods to make this sustainable.

Questions on Videos

Super low hanging fruit but often ignored!

Here’s one of my videos that has 1729 comments:

A bunch of those comments are questions.

In this example the question is “what’s the best free chat AI?”

I could have answered with text. But instead I used video.

Notice how my comment links to another video.

Specifically this one:


In this response video you’ll notice I have the original question in the video.

The original question answer will be tagged and notified about the video. That’s one person right there who will be very happy with the attention you’ve given them. And thus one person closer to purchasing.

And notice that this video has 25,000 views. It’s a question (and answer) that wasn’t just of interest to the initial asker. But instead it was of interest to 25,000 other people.

And guess what. That 25,000 view video led to 64 comments. And lots of those comments are, again, questions.

All you need to do is answer questions with a video rather than text. Easy switch for near infinite content.

Ask for questions

Need more questions? Glutton for punishment!

Try directly asking.

This is simple. Just publish a video where you ask people to send you their burning questions.

The vide should quickly explain who you are and then ask for questions. Very simple.

Make sure they know how to send questions (“questions in comments”).

And then makes sure to actually answer – you’ve made a promise so carry through.

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