Raising cash with AI PART 2


In the last part we used ChatGPT to work out our funding requirements.

We’re going to now flip that work into a one-pager.

A one-pager is an extremely basic fundraising document that basically says:

  • what we do
  • why we need investment
  • what we’ll do with the investment
  • what they’ll get for their investment

It’s a one-pager because it should literally fit on a single sheet of paper. This should be something an investor can look at and immediately understand.

They should be able to say yay/nay after looking at your one-pager for a few moments.

Hopefully yay rather than nay!

Writing a One Pager

Here’s the prompt:

Act as a fundraising strategist for my business.

Prepare an investment one-pager to help me raise money

The funding source is [add funding source from previous prompt]

Draw on the above information about my business, funding needs.

Ask supplemental questions until you have enough information for a persuasive one-pager that sells a reader on the idea of my business. Make sure to include but not limit to: pitch, problem/opportunity, solution/product, business model, market, competitors, USP, current traction, plan for funds, return. Only ask about areas where you do not already have an answer

Then output the final one-pager. Be concise and emphasise readability. Rewrite my inputs to make it professional in tone. 

Use this prompt under your previous prompt to pull in the information you’ve already given ChatGPT. That’s here if you need it.

I plugged in “peer to peer” as the funding source and received these follow up questions:

Answer whatever questions ChatGPT throws back at you. The more detail the better.

The prompt will then take all of your additional information and prepare the one pager. Here’s the beginning of the output for me:

As always go through and manually check for accuracy. This is important with any AI generated text but doubly so here because it’ll be an investment document!

Prefer this in a paragraphed format? No problem. Tell ChatGPT to “convert this into a one pager letter, paragraph format” to get an output more like this:

Not bad! That’s just built upon the outline we generated and reworked the format.

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