Raising cash with AI PART 3


We’ve now got our one-pager which contains details about the type and size of funding we need.

We’re going to use that in order to locate potential funding sources.

Here’s a video if you prefer to watch:

Video not visible? Here’s the Youtube link.

Building a funding list

Continue under your previous work so that ChatGPT has all the context it needs. Alternatively copy and paste previous work into a new chat.

Here’s our prompt for the next step:

Act as a fundraising strategist for my business.

Read my one-pager 

And generate a list of potential funding sources, specific to the funding sources previously agreed upon

Give me websites rather than general recommendations 

My country is [region]

Provide results in a tabular format with name, website, description, general funding amount

I asked specifically for angel investors and ChatGPT did the research for me:

Make sure to add in your region because often funding is geographically limited. If this is not the case remove the region line and go global.

Use this basic prompt to research different funding opportunities that match your business’ requirements.

The exact results will obviously differ a lot depending on what type of investment (angels, VC, crowdfunding, bank…) you are looking for.

The prompt will get you in the right place though and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Once you have a list make sure to go visit all the websites to check them out. Keep a list of the ones that seem most relevant to you – or use the Premium Prompt to do this for you.

We’ll be using your targets in the next Part.

Premium Prompt – Narrowing to best source

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