Raising cash with AI PART 4


Today we put together everything we’ve been doing so far and begin reaching out.

How exactly you reach out will depend on your funding source.

For example applying to a VC fund is very different to contacting an angel.

We’ll use a flexible prompt to cover all forms of outreach.

Reaching out to Funders

Because of variations in application process we’ll be using a flexible prompt that takes into account the requirements.

First make sure you have your list of prospects from yesterday. For a particular prospect find their “how to apply” page or better yet their application form.

Here is an example of such a page:

source: https://goldenseeds.com/entrepreneurs/apply-for-funding/

You’ll find similar pages regardless of what source of funding you are pursuing – be it an angel, a bank, a government grant or whatever else. There will always be a page with details as a way for the funder to filter applicants.

Collect up these pages for your funding list from the last Part. You can ask ChatGPT to find these pages for you but I often find it faster to manually check.

Once you have this we’ll combine the information using this prompt:

Act as a fundraising strategist for my business.

Read my one-pager 

And the funding instructions on this page: [webpage]

To generate the funding application

And a cover email

When you do not have specific information leave a placeholder for me to add the details later

If you don’t have internet access (ie no GPT Plus) then copy/paste the details from the page.

ChatGPT will align your one pager and the funding requirements like so:

Notice how ChatGPT has aligned with the investment requirements mentioned on the website.

Importantly when it doesn’t have the information ChatGPT hasn’t just made things up – it’s left them blank so I can fill them in myself.

This is because we’ve specifically asked for ChatGPT to leave placeholders – otherwise it may have tried to make up details about my management team, funding history and more. We need to make sure to avoid this!

The prompt will also generate a cover letter:

Most applications will have some form of cover letter or introduction requirement which this additional output will help you fulfil.

You job now is to work through each of the prospects you previously generated using your one pager and their application requirements.

We don’t want to automate this too much. Fundraising is still a big task and just spamming 100% AI generated applications is unlikely to work. Instead use AI and the method I’ve been teaching you to accelerate your process rather than replace it wholesale.

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