Raising cash with AI PART 5


We’re at the end of our fundraising using AI process.

The previous prompts we’ve covered should be up and running doing initial outreach for you.

The name of the game now is persistence and volume. Keep sending out (relevant, personalised!) applications for funding.

If you receive feedback from any investors make sure to apply it!

Just add their feedback into your previous prompts to tweak.

Keep on applying and improving and eventually you’ll get a show of interest.

At this point we move to the next part of the process.

We’re now going to use AI to prepare the next document: a pitch deck.

Importantly we can generate individual pitch decks for individual investors, specifically matching their investment requirements from previous Parts.

Killer pitch decks

A pitch deck is basically a Powerpoint presentation given to potential investors.

But Powerpoint isn’t very sexy so the world of startups renamed it a “deck”.

Much cooler sounding – like a skateboard deck. Skateboards are cool right?

We have a couple of AI options here.

More than a couple to be honest – I’ve tried out a whole bunch of good (but mainly bad) AI tools for this job.

My two favourite are Tome and GammaNot affiliate links – these are just the ones I like!

Tome is more restricted (I find) when it comes to modifying the deck to your needs. But because they have a bunch of preexisting pitch deck templates this is less of an issue in this particular case.

Gamma is more flexible and I’ll be using it in this tutorial.

Try both, see what you like. Both have generous free trials.

Once you have a Gamma account go ahead and create a new presentation. You’ll get a screen like this:

Generate is their fancy all-singing-all-dancing “chat” mode where you talk to their AI and prepare your deck. It’s great – you should try it!

But we’re going to save your credits by pre-processing our pitch deck contents in ChatGPT and then move it into Gamma using Text Transform.

Text Transform basically takes a set of notes and converts it into a deck. We’ll use ChatGPT to flesh out those notes.

Below your work from the last Part we’ll use this prompt:

Flesh this funding application draft into a pitch deck, slide by slide.

ChatGPT will prepare everything in a slide by slide format:

This is what we bring into Gamma’s Text Transform tool. Copy and paste it in like so:

Go ahead and click Generate and Gamma will prepare the first draft. Voila, a professional looking pitch deck done for you:

You can now ask Gamma’s AI to make edits or manually do so using their editor.

The main thing is that the first draft is done for you and already looks professional.

Certainly nicer than what 95% of us could knock up in Powerpoint! And for those 5% Powerpoint wizzes out there I bet it takes you more than 30 seconds!

We can use this method to rapidly prep our pitch decks en masse as investors start showing interest, each pitch deck hitting their specific requirements.

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