Social Proof to Supercharge Sales PART 5


Wrapping up this guide by looking at how best to use testimonials as social proof on your website.

Social proof should be used all over your website – your homepage, about me page, blog…everywhere!

But it is most powerful on pages where you are getting someone to act.

For example:

  • on newsletter sign up page to get an email
  • on a sales page to convert a sale
  • on a call booking page to secure a booking

First I’ll give you some advice and examples about where I find them valuable.

Then we’ll going to look at how to analyse your current website and find the best places for testimonials.

Let’s get started:

Supercharge your website

I’m going to use one of my sales pages as an example.

Because I know it intimately. And…so you go visit it. Cheeky eh?

The site is for my AI Business Breakthrough Academy here: link.

Study this as a template and then you’ll start to see social proof everywhere. You just need to tune your mind to the marketing tricks being played on you!

Right after the header my first testimonials kick in:

These are literally the second thing you see on screen – kind words from wonderful people out there who have taken a moment to write something down.

This particular format is a slider – it slides in multiple testimonials, one at a time. Will someone sit and read them all? I doubt it! The point is simply to show that there are lots!

Throughout the long form text of the article you’ll also notice that I break up sections with testimonials. They act as a “OK we’re done with this bit, onto the next section” break. I just use testimonials as the breakpoint between sections.

A little further down you’ll notice I use the “raw” technique we used in the last Part:

Here I break up some text to drop in a screenshot of a Twitter message – complete with date! I could have converted this to a nicely designed graphic asset but instead kept it as a screenshot to keep it “real”.

The last big area I’ll use testimonials is around the sale.

Personally I’ve found they work really well just after the price is given. That’s the moment when someone knows the price and have a decision to make. That’s when I drop in a LOT of testimonials from people just like them to help with the decision.

We’re going to use prompts to help us specifically with a sales page like this. Want to adapt to a newsletter sign up page or similar? No problem – just adjust the prompt and remove “sales page”.

Let’s use a prompt that can assess a page and make suggestions:

Act as a sales copywriter

Make note of all the places I use social proof like testimonials or reviews

Then assess this sales page and make suggestions for where I should include more social proof

Give specific sections of the page that would benefit from more social proof and give examples of the type of social proof to add

[Add website URL]

You’ll need ChatGPT with web access for this. If you don’t have that use Bing/Copilot.

The prompt will cause ChatGPT to scan your site and generate a list of suggestions:


Go through your collected testimonials and look for ones that would fit.

In Premium I’ll about how to specifically collect these.

Premium Prompt – Need specific testimonials

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Pulling it together

That’s it – we’re again at the end of the week!

Hopefully this has been super valuable in giving you a social proof strategy to apply to your business.

Here’s a reminder of what we covered this week:

  • Part 1: Collecting text testimonials
  • Part 2: Capturing stories with video testimonials
  • Part 3: Strategies to incentivise
  • Part 4: Social proof goes social media
  • Part 5: Supercharge your website

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll send out the roundup issue with all 5 Parts compiled.

Until then, keep PROMPTING!


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