The 5 Stages of ChatGPT Acceptance

The 5 Stages of ChatGPT Acceptance

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur

This week I sat with a client, guiding them through the basics of ChatGPT and how it could enhance their fundraising capabilities.

In just 3 hours they went through the whole gamut of human emotions.

Initially their excitement knew no bounds. It appeared as if ChatGPT could do everything. Funding applications could be 10x’d and incoming cash would be abundant. Less staff would be needed. The process would be automatic and easy.

Soon though the cracks started to show. Obstacles led to frustrations and disappointment. ChatGPT’s limitations became apparent and the initial dreams for its use began to sour.

Undeterred, we persisted, adapting our prompts and approaches, ultimately discovering the true potential of ChatGPT as a fundraising writing assistant—a tool that significantly boosts productivity, even if it doesn’t do everything.

A common problem

All users venturing into the realm of ChatGPT often go through a series of emotional shifts and evolving perceptions.

At first, they are amazed by the seemingly limitless possibilities, envisioning a future where their workload diminishes.

However, as they delve deeper into ChatGPT’s capabilities, they encounter hurdles that test their confidence.

In this issue, we explore the five stages of ChatGPT acceptance, unveiling the challenges, transformations, and ultimate rewards awaiting those who persevere on this transformative journey.

We’ve even coined a term for it: the 5 Stages of ChatGPT Acceptance.

The 5 Stages of ChatGPT Acceptance

The five stages, in order, are:

Stage 1: Excited Overconfidence 

When users first experience ChatGPT, they are overwhelmed by its capabilities. They exclaim, “Wow! This can do anything! I’m never going to have to work again!”

Their excitement fuels an initial burst of overconfidence, as they believe that ChatGPT possesses boundless potential.

Stage 2: Wobbling Confidence 

However, as users continue to interact with ChatGPT, they confront its limitations. They may notice that the quality of answers falls short of their expectations, characterized by generic responses and a robotic tone.

This wobbling confidence triggers a moment of doubt. They recognize the potential of ChatGPT but start questioning its real-world usefulness.

Stage 3: Betrayed Confidence 

Unfortunately, as users further explore ChatGPT, the situation worsens. They encounter instances where ChatGPT hallucinates or fabricates information.

Additionally, they might confront character limits, misunderstandings, and even the loss of previously discussed conversation elements.

Confidence plummets, and users feel betrayed.

It becomes tempting to dismiss ChatGPT as overhyped and untrustworthy, leading some to abandon it at this early stage.

Stage 4: Educated Confidence 

For those who persist through the previous stage, a glimmer of hope emerges. Users begin to grasp that ChatGPT is a tool, one that must be wielded appropriately to yield desired outcomes.

Confidence rekindles as they learn to deploy ChatGPT for the right problems, where its strengths shine. They refine their prompting skills, employing focused, specific, and clear instructions.

With experience, both the quality of their inputs and the resulting outputs improve. This stage is characterized by educated confidence, which derives not from ignorance but from hands-on knowledge.

Stage 5: Excited Confidence 

The culmination of this transformative process is Stage 5: excited confidence. Users who reach this stage have mastered the basics and gained a deep understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities and limitations.

They begin to experiment with advanced prompts and explore other AI tools better suited for specific tasks.

Importantly, they recognize that we are still in the early stages of AI development, and ChatGPT’s public release in November 2022 represents a mere stepping stone in this technological journey.

Excited confidence stems from a foundation of knowledge and experience, as users eagerly anticipate the future advancements and possibilities that lie ahead.

Where are you?

As you read about the five stages of ChatGPT acceptance, it’s natural to wonder where you currently stand in this transformative journey. Understanding your position can provide valuable insights and guidance for the path ahead.

You’re in Stage 1

If you find yourself in Stage 1, the stage of excited overconfidence, be prepared for the inevitable dip in confidence that lies ahead. While the initial encounter with ChatGPT may have left you astounded by its capabilities, it’s crucial to acknowledge that challenges and limitations will arise.

Embrace this stage as an opportunity to learn and grow. Recognize that ChatGPT is a powerful tool, but it has its boundaries. Stay curious, remain open-minded, and be prepared to adapt your expectations as you navigate through the upcoming stages.

You’re in Stage 2 or 3

For those in Stage 2 or Stage 3, where confidence wavers and frustration can creep in, keep pushing forward. You may have encountered roadblocks and moments of doubt, but this is where perseverance pays off.

I’ve met so many people in social situations who have got to this stage and immediately bounced off ChatGPT.

These become the “naysayers”. They tried out an early version of ChatGPT. Gave it (probably) poorly written prompts. It didn’t provide perfect results so they decided ChatGPT is useless.

You’ll meet a lot of these people – believe me!

Instead embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth and improvement.

Refine your prompts, experiment with different approaches, and explore the full potential of ChatGPT. This newsletter is a GREAT place to start. Just try experimenting with our daily prompts even if it’s not 100% relevant to you right now – just by “playing” you’ll learn the limitations and best practices of ChatGPT.

Seek support and insights from the community of users who have faced similar hurdles. Remember, this stage is a pivotal point where many users abandon their journey. By persisting and pushing through, you position yourself for a breakthrough that lies just beyond the horizon.

You’re in Stage 4 or 5

If you find yourself in the advanced stages of Stage 4 or Stage 5, educated confidence and excited confidence, consider extending your hand to help others.

Share your knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned with those who are still navigating the earlier stages.

This isn’t done by telling people how amazing ChatGPT is.

I mean: it is. It’s revolutionary. BUT if you get people too excited then the betrayal they’ll feel at Stage 3 will be all the more acute!

And as a purely selfish (!) benefit by assisting others, you not only solidify your own expertise. Richard Feynman once talked about the best way to learn was in fact to teach. It’s impossible to teach a subject unless you have mastered the subject – only then can you break down concepts sufficiently and guide learners. Use this impetus to help yourself master these new tools (whilst helping others yay!)

Next Steps

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Now, cards on the table, I’ve never been a fan of Twitter previously and have (reluctantly) come back to it after many years ago. Some of you may have similar feelings about Twitter!

That said: the AI community is an absolute blast and a lovely group of people. I think this is in part because of the speed everything is moving – everyone is there learning together, sharing experiences and growing as a group. It’s quite something.

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