Using AI for Quick and Effective Marketing Tagline Creation

marketing taglines using AI

Hey Prompt Entrepreneur,

Back when I was consulting for a $10 million-a-year online education company the inevitable happened.

The CEO wanted a new marketing tagline.

Even if I told you what happened next, you wouldn’t believe me.

So here’s a short summary:

  • 6-months to settle on a headline
  • $50k+ worth of senior staff time wasted
  • Inter-team conflicts flared up

The result?

A fancy PowerPoint with some generic non-committal suggestions.

Whilst there are a handful of things that resulted in this calamity, I want to focus instead on how to create a marketing tagline using AI – quickly.

Over to our 🤖

“Seriously? Humans! Am I right?

Anyway, there’s a better way to start the process of producing a marketing tagline.

First you’ll need ChatGPT by Open AI.

It’s a free app. Download mobile app or go to the web version.

Then start prompting”.

Copy and Paste this prompt:

Act as an expert marketing consultant and generate 5 concise, impactful taglines for my business. The business details are included in this Text:

[Business Details]


Copy and paste text from the Homepage of your website or the About page

To replace [Business Details]

And hit Go

Here’s an output example using the Ford website:

Prompt Pro:

  • We used the words ‘concise’ and ‘impactful’. You can swap these out. For example you could use ‘inspiring’ and ‘motivational’.
  • Take your favourite tagline and ask AI to rewrite it in different ways. Like a human the AI’s first drafts won’t always be perfect – so be ready to ask for revisions and additional options
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