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30-Day cohort to build an audience through 30 short videos

with the help of AI, accountability and community spirit.

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Are you an introvert who wants to start creating content and building an audience but feel intimidated by being on camera?

Or you know the power of short form video for building an audience, but for some reason (known or unknown) just haven’t started yet?

Or are in a cycle of start-stop start-stop (killing any momentum you get)?

I get it. I’ve been all three.

Hell, I’m still an introvert believe it or not!

Over the last 9 months, I have organically grown my audiences to over 150,000+ across TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my email newsletter by leveraging short video content.

I have been asked many times to share my strategies.

Like….many many times. My DMs are a mess.

Up until now I’ve ignored this. Thinking to myself that “I’m new” or “I don’t have that big a following” so why would people care?

But the truth of the matter is that:

– I’ve built a 150k audience 

– in 9 months

-which now generates 6 figures a year in income.

Despite being a introverted Brit! Despite not being 20 and beautiful. Despite having a lisp and not being able to say my Rs properly! 

I’ve built this audience based on knowing a little more about some subjects than most people (AI and entrepreneurship).

And by providing value based around that knowledge. Regardless of my natural charisma (or lack of!).

Because of this I now believe I actually can help people to do the same. 

So: I am seriously considering launching a 30-day guided experience.

Each day, you’ll get a lesson on growing an audience through platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts paired with an AI-powered content prompt to help you actually produce a new video that day.

By the end, you’ll have published 30 videos and built momentum as a creator! You’ll have built a habit that will let you grow an audience of 150,000 or (probably!) much more.

Yes there are other courses or cohorts which tackle this same problem. Some really good ones! 

But I want to pull in my AI expertise combined with the beliefs I’ve overcome as an introverted, camera-shy guy from South London.

Our aim together will be to help you  — an introverted, friendly, thinker, writer, business owner, low key, camera-shy, creator — create 30x short form video assets.

Whilst each day learning more about content creation, marketing and building an audience through lessons I’ll provide.

More importantly we’ll get over any hurdles stopping you from getting your valuable message out in the world. 

Turning that message into an audience and then into an income.

But I want to hear from you first.

I want to know that this will be extremely valuable for you.

If this is something you are interested in join the waitlist.

FYI: Joining the waitlist does not guarantee you’ll get into the first cohort. 

Because the other side of this I’ll ask you a few questions to ensure we have the right mix of people in cohort 1 (and that’s it’s right for you!).

To get started go ahead and drop me your email using the form below.

This will be a paid cohort! Please do not leave me your email if you are expecting a freebie. This is to make sure i) I can dedicate time to making this amazing for you and ii) because if it’s free you won’t do it. Payment adds accountability and makes sure you actually start building your audience.

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